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Samsung NX1, $1300 4K flagman
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  • I don't see it as a just one stop difference, there a quality shift. However, you have to take these online examples with a grain of salt, sometimes they don't even focus the cameras properly.

  • The results are definitely intriguing. You have to consider the well size of the NX1. The results are quite good considering this shouldn't be its strong point. 28MP APS-C vs 24MP FF of the D750

    I would like to see a lot more. NX1 tests have been strangely lacking. Considering you can order the thing I would think you would see some more info about it. I'm really most interested in the AF tracking of the camera. They say its the fastest af, but thats in a vary controlled situation. Traditionally mirrorless cams fall behind the DSLRs with the dedicated af module. At 15fps af tracking needs to be right on or you'll end up with a lot of misses and trash on your card. Comparatively the D750's af is great, its only 6.5fps but the video looks great too.

  • Personally, I don't need to see any more tests. What a wipe out.

  • 3200 on the nx1 is worse than 6400 on the don't use 3200 on the nx1

  • But is it $800 better?

  • @brianl where did you find brand new Nikon D7100 at 700$ am curious.

    • the NX 1 records 4K downscaled from 7K in super 35mm sensor size internally. For me this is the most attracting feature! 1500$ is cheep if the camera performs in 4K as expected. For now, I'm impressed with the jpeg image quality.
  • @Eno I totally agree. (Plus 265, and15fps with af)

    Its hard to judge the base line of the test as I can't understand any of the methodology. So wait and see.

  • AF Tracking video

    Seems good, but Its a controlled situation. I need to see a real world example before I'm convinced. If it can hit a decent amount at 15fps it will be killer for action sports.

  • some first hand accounts say AF-c was poor.

  • Here is a real life example with the AF speed and performance:

    I think the test was made with a beta firmware and not the final one.

  • @eno, I think I meant the D750 is $800 more than the NX.

  • @brianl you are right, but D750 doesn't know 4K. I think most of the people interested in buying this thing will be for it's video capabilities (good 4K), if I want a good and cheep APSC strictly for photos, I wold get the D5300 or D7100 and save a lot of money.

  • 4k Video is a big feature as is 60fps. 15fps is awesome for sports though. Need to see if it stands up to nikon it some other photo areas. (I have a D7100, Looking at the 750) I haven't looked at the af test yet but will soon.

  • @froboy88 50-60p feature wold be nice but not really necessary, 24 is the norms for cinemas (23,976) and 25/30p for homes. In time we will get 60p, even 120p, but for the moment I'm satisfied with 24p.

    I normally film in 23,976p because it is the only way to store progressive content on a Blu-Ray disc.

  • I watched the focus video. It didn't really show much. The bat thing is cool, but I probably would never use it. You can see the camera focuses on a new subject vary quickly but I'm more interested in the camera keeping focus on a vary fast moving subject.

    Ya I understand shooting standard cinema fps. For me, the ability for slow motion, albeit not that much, is important as I mostly shoot action sports. For things that happen in less then several seconds its helpful to slow them down for the viewer. I would like killer 24p as well.

    There are other cameras that are much better at high speed. aka FS700. I've rented that when I've needed more frames. My interest in this cam though, is that it could satisfy my needs in one camera body: Good stills (especially high speed performance) and video. I usually get this with two bodies: A GH2/3 for video and D600/7100 for stills and that's a pain when traveling.

  • The new NX1 might, just might, be a camera that changes things for Samsung. The extra-resolution sensor with 28.2 million pixels, in a backlit configuration for better light sensitivity, combined with 4K video recording may well be enough to catch the attention of photographers with something that they might more obviously want – not to mention a class-leading ability to shoot full resolution still images at a rate of 15 frames per second. A new wide-area AF system that mixes contrast- and phase-detection is extremely promising too, as previous systems sometimes displayed a similar level of focus adhesion as a small excited dog on a highly polished floor.

  • B&H is now projecting shipping date as mid November 2014.

  • I have a confirmed order scheduled for October 23rd. I'll check again tomorrow.

    BTW: The D750 vs NX1 video "shootoff" was determined to have been faked.

  • @bubba all NX1 video comparisons on the net are fake. There's no video sample form the camera yet.

  • @brianl @bubba

    Adorama projects a delivery in october 2014 (in their product description). I tend to believe bh to be more precise...

  • Some European stores are saying late October too, but I have a felling it won't be so.

  • @brianl @neosushi @Eno Got this today:

    There has been a change to the release date of the pre-ordered item listed below. (NX1) The new release date is 11/14/2014. If that is okay with you, and you accept the change, you don't have to do anything.

    ...This was from Best Buy. I cancelled my orders at Adorama due to my BB contact telling me they would be getting the first allocation since they do so much business with Samsung in appliances.

    Later release may be a good thing. ...Firmware is what will make or break this camera. However, I personally want mine ...the very instant it is released. I bought 30 of the best Samsung / NX website url's I'm buildng the worlds biggest fanboy site with multiple inbound links. Got one of the first GF1 cameras because at the time I was running an Olympus site. This time, I'm hoping to leverage 4K support for the long haul.

    Pentax had a miss on a great (my opinion) product in the K-01 due to unfortunate circumstances ...and were gobbled up by Ricoh . Nikon beat out Topcon (which had a much better product) in the 1960's due to the same sorts of marketing missteps. Vitally had it right, per the article. This is the last, best chance for Samsung to make a big splash in the camera market. I'm "all in" with my support for Samsung. I believe Nikon could leave us (as an independent organization) before Olympus, if Samsung does get it right. I like Samsung, they've got balls and they've got the money. Dammit, I just want one of these new cameras!

  • This is the last, best chance for Samsung to make a big splash in the camera market. I'm "all in" with my support for Samsung.

    Well, no. Not last. Samsung just keeps iterating and will keep doing it.