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The homegrown GH2 Specific Cage
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  • Im gonna be selling it for as cheap as I can... I say 300 because I HAVE NO CLUE what im gonna sell them for... hence the in Quotations "(if thats the price)" you know that can go either way right? and again your opinion is your and mine is mine... regardless 300 is a reasonable price for the product considering what is out there... As for the steadicam comment that was totally unrelated... IDK why your getting upset over it, I dont see Shrigg over here complaining... I like his setup, just not my cup o' tea. As a matter of fact Shrigg is interested in what I come up with...
  • Just got back the designs from my CAD designer... AMAZING...
  • Ok guys its coming along great... here is a 3d model so far
    640 x 480 - 58K
  • Exciting news! Looking forward to seeing more soon. Will there be a way to mount from the sides?
  • yes... all the holes have yet to be finalized but there will be more holes... MANY MORE!!! also standard spacing so that universal rail mounts can be use on all sides... The battery door hole, monitor/cable lock hole, and cf card hole have yet to be cut as well... but its coming along, slotted holes... top and bottom 1/4 20 are countersunk as to be flush for camera mounting... a few other things too that Im not giving up yet :) more updates coming soon
  • Looking good @PerryWilson!! you might just end up changing the non-believers with your project lol.
  • oh when they see the most recent 3d design... minds WILL be changed... plus I have a lot more products coming down the pipeline... ;)
  • Ok guys here is the last CAD I will post before sending it off for CNC work, not the final but close... Thanks for the support guys.
    @HillTop1 @5thwall @andres @chenopup @Huckster @Retina @feha @johnnymossville @Tommyboy @shrigg

    You all have been great, I'm excited to be moving into the final phase... and there will be a discount for Personal-view members

  • @PerryWilson

    Are you a student?
    Because I do not see any other reason of the text other this image?
  • I am a former student and my CAD designer is also a former engineering student at the university I attended
  • >former student

    I suggest you to read software license in this case :-)
    And you CAD designer works on educational software? he also never ever read licenses?
  • once you are a student at my university you are allowed to use the CAD labs as often as you like... this was designed at the university... what would you like me to read :)
  • So, not a former student :-)

    I want you to open and read licence, especially how your software can be used (and how it can't be used).
    I'll find quite big surprises :-)
  • Looking great Perry - I've been really tempted by ReWo cage, but it's hard to justify for me compared to other items that are more important - coming from the monome open hardware community, I see community developed solutions as a good thing and very much in the spirit of Vitally's work here (thanks Vitally!). From that perspective it is good to make designs in a open shareable format if possible, and an open design approach demonstrates a commitment to non-profit, if that is your goal, but still doesn't stop you charging to cover costs. Something to think about.
  • Cool project :)
  • The CAD images look GREAT.

    Countersunk attachment points? VERY nice.

    One note I wanted to add is that my previous measurement of the 1/4 20" hole spacing was off - it should have been metric: the accurate measurement is 32mm.

    Nice to see the oblong slotted attachment point for the camera tripod screw and hotshoe made it into the CAD. I think this will be critical for those of us that have little protrusions from lens adapters or LCD loupe frames that often need a bit more bottom clearance. The lens mount on the GH2 sits very low.

    With that thought in mind: I wonder if the topside of the bottom of the cage (the portion touching the underside of the camera) could be spec'd to be exactly the width of the GH2? (40mm) Some lens adapters (the Ciecio PL adapter in particular) droop below the level of the underside of the GH2.

    The Zacuto Z-Finder stick-on frame for the GH2 also hangs down below level as well.

    Please see attached picture of the underside of the GH2 with the Ciecio PL adapter and Z-finder frame on.

    What this leads to is being unable to use the Z-Finder (when the LCD is folded back in against the camera - my preferred configuration when operating handheld with the loupe up to my eye) AND the Ciecio PL adapter at the same time. You'd literally have to pick one or the other if the cage had a greater width than 40mm.

    At least the slotted attachment point for the camera would allow one to position for either the adapter OR the loupe to the best possible effect.

    Is there any reason for the bottom of the cage to be any greater than 40mm (would sculpting it down thinner sacrifice torsional stability, perhaps)? Matching exactly the width of the bottom of the GH2 (for at least the portion where the LCD and lens mount are) would have its advantages.

    What do you think?

    GH2 camera base width.jpg
    2048 x 2625 - 704K
  • Im going to start a kickstarter for the cages this week. The reason I am doing this is because I have decided to sell the cages that cost $270 each to make from the CNC company for the LOW unbeatable price of $280 that means im going to make $10 per cage. BUT in order for me to get them at $270 I need to order at least 100 cages, and thing over that is fine but the batch must be at least 100 cages. Im taking the cut on these because it is my passion one, I want a cage for $280 too, and I want everyone to be able to afford professional accessories. Why buy a cage that cost as much as the camera (REWO). The great thing about kickstarter is that if we dont reach at least 100 cages then no one gets charged anything. once we have 100 orders it will be ten weeks for the cnc company to make that many. This is a great opportunity to take your GH2 to the professional level with WAY less than professional money.
  • @Perrywilson, how about you create a thread and mark it as "important" and let everyone interested in this deal put their names on it so you have an idea of how long the list will get (also how come this thread doesn't show on the "new topic list"?)
    1) @HillTop1
  • @PerryWilson

    How about making one cage and show it before starting any compaign? Especially for 100 cages?

    How about buy licensed CAD first, for example? And show real detailed drawings, and economic calculations?
  • Vital rights, people need to know how it will look in the end product, you can make photo-realistic renderings ) if you do not make the first prototype.
    I think in this case, people are more interested in.
  • the price will be dropping to 50 cages to order, and the price is 250, if you want to see the cage look at the REWO cage add a slotted hole.
  • Ive asked Vitaliy to render the cage but her refuses, so i will continue on without his assistance... the Kickstarter will be up this week, with all of the dimensions and the final cage design. Kickstarter is a system that if we don not reach our goal of 50 cages then NO ONE GETS CHARGED ANYTHING so the worst thing that could happen is you dont get charged or you get a cage. The cages will be cast prepositionally in Orlando Florida out of 553 Aluminum Alloy
  • @PerryWilson

    Do not trick people.
    I did not refused to do anything.
    I asked to show real cage and made all preparations necessary to make 50 or 100 cages (I don't know the number even).
    I also asked to act responsible, because you ask for other peoples money and do not have anything to show yet, except the drawing made in unlicensed CAD software by student.
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