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Reorganizing contents?
  • Hi Guys
    I'm a regular follower of this forum but...
    I was out for three weeks and while trying to understand what are the latest improvements I'm nearly giving up.

    The forum is now full of contents and it's becoming really difficult to extract the good one.

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev please find a solution to place the latest achievements/patch in a handy/updatable place.
    Some sticky posts would be nice or maybe another solution. Maybe some special post? Or a side wiki where the state of the art user patches could be organized and updated? Maybe a free wiki installation could be used by users to organize, cancel and update the various patch?
    Could we use the existing wiki?

    Or something like this:

    Also VLC has something like this:

    Maybe we could find together the best solution.

    I believed in this project and community from the beginning contributing several times but now I feel that there are so many users, patches, experiment that it's impossible to understand what's happening and what's is the best patch for a task/resolution...
    I remember that dvxuser became a incubus and the fast way to find a stable patch was the @lpowell signature :)

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  • Can you please tell me what do you want?
    You want, in fact someone who'll collect patches for your specific needs and save your time? :-)
    We have a Vault topic with all most popular patches present.
  • A sticky'd, locked, and up to date HAQ FAQ would be awesome.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Hi Vitaliy I'm not being polemic and English is not my language...
    I'm an occasional follower and I visit the forum maybe once a week. Now the forum took off very well and there is a fair amount of useful contents scattered in thousand of posts. While we have specific topics as "AVCHD maximum image quality settings and testing" or "GH2 MJPEG 100Mbps Low Light 1080p Patch" and so on. They contains hundreds of post and is becoming difficult to grab a stable patch.

    When I donated I believed that the great works made from several testers would have a positive impact/fall-back for the casual users like me.
    In few words, it would be nice having a way to easily find out the latest and up to date patches and hacks.

    Thank you

  • Actually there is the Vault tread, so most of the patches are in one place. But it lacks detailed explanations of the the different patches, their pros and cons and whats the difference in between them.

    Guess beside the testers themself there are two groups of people: One searching for the highest possible image quality while cam stays 99.9% stable. The others look for best quality that spans, and need 99.999% stability. We would just need to update the first post of the vault with the two best patches for these uses. (Yes.. this is where we start fighting again which one it is ;)

    There should be a clear marking if a patch is experimental or for daily use btw.

  • @Meierhans

    I did not see the vault thread.
    I totally agree with you on the two main groups.
    The problem I see with a plain thread like that is that it will become huge with time and some of the patches will become obsolete. Anyway it's a good start :-)

    Thank you all

  • Something which would be nice (and wouldn't need any work on the web site) is that people posting always edit first post to summarize the useful info said along the post.