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Gear Deals: Nebula 5100 gimbal preorder deal
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    • A new generation motor with built-in encoder for all 3 axes
    • High torque, 8-10 hours battery life
    • Made from high quality Al-Mg-Si alloy
    • Hidden cable design, 360° unlimited rotation
    • 2.5kg Payload
    • One key back to the midpoint return option
    • Direct charge
    • One key recording using button and build in IR remote
    • 1/4 screw holes for various support equipment

    Available at out preorder deals for: $699
    Shipping: Price includes shipping for US/Canada/UK/Australia&NZ/Western Europe. Contact for any other regions.
    I want to buy this gimbal.

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  • Nebula 5100 gimbal preorder deal