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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, User reviews and opinions
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  • Does the GH4 utilize "Depth From Defocus" to allow for a decent continous auto focus mode when recording video?

    I was wondering about this, because a Panasonic promotion video for the LX100 explicitely states that the LX100 would not support DFD in video mode, which IMHO is a pity, as this feature would be most useful for video...

  • The DFD (Depth from Defocus) works really well. You need the proper Panasonic lenses to utilize it.

    I bought a GH3 and enjoyed the excellant AFF for Video, now the GH4 is better.

    Although I upgraded to get much better action stills, my main use for this camera is unattended 65-120 minute Videos. If set up properly the subject is nearly always in focus.

    I recently shot a Grand Prix Equestrian Event and never lost focus even when the horse & rider passed behind jumps.

  • @RRRoger I shoot similar, out of interest do you find aff keeps up ok in 4k? I find it fine/exceptional in 1080p but 4k I go manual focus deep dof for faster stuff as aff noticeably worse at keeping focus. Still amazing cam for that sort of thing I just wondered if I was missing a trick with 4k. I've started shooting higher shutter speed with 4k as well so can get a bit of bad strobing on the horse legs but can lift acceptable stills from the 4k timeline which is nice.

  • @Rrroger could you share your settings for good AF in GH3 please. Im trying all combinations since I got it 18 months ago and nothing makes me happy. Don't know what I missing.

    "enjoyed the excellant AFF for Video"

  • It baffles me that iPhone 6 can do 240 FPS slow motion and Panasonic would stick with 96 FPS...

  • It baffles me that iPhone 6 can do 240 FPS slow motion and Panasonic would stick with 96 FPS...

    It is always good idea to return to your school books to not to be baffled :-)

    It is much more easy to make small sensor fast :-)

  • The not so good AF in 4K compared to 1080p is due to limited processor power. There are lots of things to process in 4K, (sorry for this non technical expression) much more than in HD, thus the compromize was, that the 4K AF is slower than the HD, also in order not to make the focus hunt to much. That was told by Matt Frazer from Panasonic USA. Perhaps Nick can day something more technical about that.

  • Shot this on the GH4 with SLR Magic Anamorphot and 12-35mm f/2.8. I recently switched to an A7s, but after watching this, I question my decision...

  • It is much more easy to make small sensor fast :-)


    You can get insane framerates and such if you're willing to compromise in other areas.

  • @kevin_kirchman Great short! Very funny and well acted. I'm loving the GH4 and Anamorphot/12-35mm 2.8 combo as well. Thanks for sharing.

  • @kevin_kirchman hilarious! Loved it. Acting was top notch.

  • @kevin_kirchman Great work man that looks awesome like the story & the actors are great..

  • there are a couple of good articles in Australian Cinematographer on the GH4, I don't think there's an online copy one is a straight review and the other is talking to the DOP from:

  • Wow there's a lot of internal jello in a bunch of those shots.

  • I'm mostly a lurker, but I thought I'd post my video here. Just got the camera, and took it out for a couple hours with some buddies for a camera test. It came pretty good, although with the settings I shot with (CineD -5 -5 0 -2 +1), the dynamic range was pretty limited. I'm going to test it out with iDynamic enabled next to see if that helps my grading. Feedback is welcome!

  • A video I shot up at the headwaters to the Nantahala River. Direct sunlight was very limited and it proved to be very challenging to shoot video. It was probably the darkest area I have ever shot. There was about 1 hour of good lighting and even with that ISO was at 800 and 1600. I definitely need to acquire a low light lens for these situations.

    This video was shot with the Panasonic GH4 camera at 1080p, 60fps and 200mbps, standard and Cine-V profile. Lenses used were the Panasonic 14-45mm, 45-175mm and Olympus 60mm macro. On this trip I used my new Ifootage Shark Slider for the first time and found it to be very smooth. Edited with Edius 5.51 and encoded for the web using Windows Media Video.

  • @tylerthevideoguy - enjoyed that. Lenses? And do the band have an album out?

  • mrBill, lenses used were the Panasonic 14-45, 45-75 and Olympus 60 macro. You can learn more about the composer at

  • @mrbill This was shot almost completely on the Sigma 18-35 f1.8 Nikon mount lens and Metabones speedbooster with a variable ND filter, with a couple shots using the Rokinon 85mm f1.4. The band is called Alt-J, and the song is off their new album This Is All Yours. I'm not affiliated with the band, although I have shot many high profile bands before. Glad you liked it!

  • Is the GH4 a multi language camera? Can I change the menu language from Japanese to English ?

  • いいえ、あなたは日本語で立ち往生している

  • After several month of shooting with GH4, I conclude that it's better to shot 4K in mp4 than mov, because mov bit rate is never close to 100, it varies from what I've seen from 78 Mb/sec to 88 MB/sec (most of my files are about 80 Mb/sec), mp4 is almost constant in 97-99 Mb/sec territory.

    Both formats split the continuous recording in the 4GB territory, and none of them suffers from the 1 second sound pause I encountered with AVCHD in GH3.

  • @Eno That's valuable info, thanks. I've been shooting nothing but 4K and all in .mov. I guess I'll just need to test and make sure that Premiere Pro doesn't have any problems with .mov and .mp4 clips in the same timeline. I've noticed that my .mov files are about 79 Mb/sec.