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Baseline Huffman Encoding for 12-bit RAW files
  • I am now looking at implementing a fast Huffman encoding for the RAW data in a DNG container. I looked at the code inside DNG SDK as well as other samples around the web. All the samples use 8-bit data. I can unpack 12-bits into 16-bits, and then use the first frame to compute the probabilities. Can someone point me to huffman implementations optimized for RAW files ? I am not an expert at this, but the DNG SDK did not seem to be very optimized. lz4 compression is an excellent example of optimized implementation and coding.

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  • Huffman compression has nothing to do with raw. You need to just find good implementation. Check some Intel libraries or such.

  • DNG only supports Huffman encoding for RAW images. Hence my interest in Huffman.

  • @zcream

    I mean that Huffman encoding is just compression technique, if it is done right it does not matter if it is used for raw compression or other things.

  • There is no way of using temporal dependancy ?

  • You can do some preprocessing before Huffman.

  • Such as ?