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Hot Shoe Flashes for GH2
  • I have been doing allot of photography now and part of my freelance package is that I need to do photography work. Now I'm not new to photography by any stretch but I am curious about Flashes for the GH2. I was considering this METz but its pricey.

    What hot shoes flashes work with and do you guys recommend for GH2?
    450 x 450 - 20K
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  • I have a Nissin for m4/3 and it works great. eBay for around $100 is what I was able to get one for... Al
  • OK Cool I'll check that one out. I'd rather not spend a fortune.
  • @aljimenez I bought a Nissin on Amazon was a kit came with great rechargeable batteries too... and it works awesome...thanks !!!
  • is the nissin flash ttl?

  • The Metz 58-AF2 is just great. Had the 48-AF1 before (one generation older). For some reason the TTL meassurements with the 58 produce way more consistent and correct lighting then on the 48. You should try to find it used if it's too expensive.

    For second and third flashes the YN460II on cheap RF-triggers work great and are easy to adapt to mains power for an improvised studio setup. Want to give the YN560II with focus a try and am currently selling both my modified YN460II.

  • marcus, do any of those support high speed shutter sync? I ended up getting an oly fl-50R because i needed that function. be nice to get a second cheaper flash

  • The Metz do.