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Panasonic HS700/TM700 codec
  • I bought this camcorder and i'm really impressed with the resolution of the image, but i have the curiosity to know if its possible to improve the cam like Vitaly did with the GH1 and GH2.

    I've searched a lot but i didn't found any clue about it.
    As the Gh's... i think the Panasonic would put a lot of more attention on the codec of the HS700. Any chance to use the knowledge with the gh's on hs700?

    Sorry if my comment is too much off-topic....its just curiosity. (and sorry for my poor english vocabulary too)
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  • these camera shoot 1080/50p or 1080/60p in AVCHD (h264) @ 28Mbps which is nothing to complain about, and these 700 series camcorders are still rated as being brilliant camcorders, even tho they are now older and outdated.

    i use 2x HDC-SDT750 cameras (this was the first 3D camcorder ever made) and even these still shoot in AVCHD 1080/50p @ 28Mbps, same quality as the 700 series cams.

    nobody will ever make a hack for these types of camcorders, just be happy with what they are now, they are awesome cameras and shoot 28Mbps video.