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Looking for a GH2 Hack For a somewhat specific project. Final Uni Piece, so must be perfect.
  • Hey guys, next month, I'll be shooting my Final uni film, and im looking to make my shoot look phenomenal... I have a 'Class 10, 45/mbs sandisk Extreme 32GB card' and I will be shooting it on a (if all goes to plan) Canon 50mm (F/1.4) There's alot of dialogue in the film, and im planning to try roll from one end of the convosation to the other (about 10 minuets in length) (im not sure if this will cause 'spanning' (I think its called) ) Long story short... I'm looking for the best cinematic-looking hack that i can can shoot for 10 minuets without fear of overheating and won't fill up my card like crazy (as I have about a 6 hour shoot, so am looking to be able to carry a fair amount of footage (obvously i won't be shooting for 6 hours straight, but i'll still walk away with a fair bit of footage)

    Thanks in advance guys

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  • word of advice, do a 15min test for piece of mind. that way you will know if it will or will not spand and how big the file may be to plan accordingly.

    Too many factors, indoors or outdoors, closeup or wide, etc

  • @Wilrus Cake V2.3 or Sanity 5.1 for the card that you have. In terms of making your footage look "phenomenal" you may want to consider Moon T-5 and only shoot in 24p mode. IMHO Moon T-5 has the best quality/reliability out of the Driftwood patches in 24p mode. I would not use Moon T-5 in any other modes because you WILL run into spanning/reliability issues.

    If you want excellent quality, reliability, and spanning without sacrificing quality or storage space Cake v2.3 is what I would use. Moon T-5 will work better if you need to grade or export to 29.97 etc but it will also take up a whole shit load of storage space. That being said I have Cake V2.3 on 2 GH2's and Moon T-5 on the 3rd GH2 to cover pretty much both scenarios.

    The other benefit of Cake V2.3 is not only is it super reliable, it also has what I believe to be the best 30p quality that allows spanning out of all the other patches. Check it out and perform some controlled testing and draw your own conclusions. This is my conclusion based on the numerous patches that I have tested to date.

    Best Regards

    1. The GH2 doesn't overheat.
    2. No hack is perfect. Test them all.
  • Are you shooting on the surface of the sun? No? Good, then your Panasonic m4/3 camera will not be overheating.

    We have nothing to fear unlike those poor unfortunate Canon or Sony shooters! ;-)