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Modified Nikon Hoodman eyecup for GH3 and GH4
  • Here's some pictures of an alternative eyecup for the GH3/4. Only a few cuts with a hacksaw and file were required. Basically I sawed off the bottom lip and widened the horizontal dimensions of an aftermarket Hoodman eyecup.

    It almost makes the EVF usable.

    eyecup (1 of 6).jpg
    4352 x 2448 - 903K
    eyecup (2 of 6).jpg
    4352 x 2448 - 929K
    eyecup (3 of 6).jpg
    4352 x 2448 - 815K
    eyecup (4 of 6).jpg
    4352 x 2448 - 890K
    eyecup (5 of 6).jpg
    4352 x 2448 - 963K
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  • Which Hoodman model is it? Thx

  • I am surprised that nobody is selling an aftermarket eyecup for the GH3/4. Maybe you should start a kickstarter project and start selling those ;-) Seriously though the GH3/4 has a built in EVF yet nobody came out with a magnifier or the like for the eyecup.

  • I was actually going to do this. You beat me to it! Looks awesome.

  • The Hoodman H-EYEN22S does not work.

    Anyone knows which one works?

  • @debuys Can you tell us which model it is? It's written on the ring. thx

  • I'd love to avoid using the LCD screen on the GH4 altogether and just use the internal EVF for handheld work but its uncomfortable for shooting against for long periods of time. A magnified super padded / extended eye cup that slots on in place of the existing eye cup would be really great.