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GH3 (GH4 too?) OEM eyecup
  • I lost my GH3's EVF eyecup. I modified an aftermarket Hoodman Nikon D300 eyecup to fit and it's great but it obstructs the LCD's movement and extends above the hotshoe. I wanted to replace the original eyecup and had a hell of a time finding even just the part number on the web. I called Panasonic's warranty number and learned that the eyecup falling off would be covered under warranty. I was told to pack the camera up and send it in to a repair center where they would replace the eyecup. My only expense would be shipping it to them. I started a claim and got a case number but I asked to be transferred to the parts department. I wanted to see if I could find the part and compare the cost of shipping in my camera to buying a tiny part.

    Panasonic USA's tech support, repair and parts department didn't have a diagram or an obvious part name to help me order the right part. I was patient and eventually I was put in contact with a manager who had worked in multiple departments and was familiar with the "DMC-GH3". She found the part number and took the order over the phone. It arrived in about 5 business days.

    Since it was such an an unusual, inexplicably time consuming affair I thought I should share the information.

    The part number is VYK6B43

    The Panasonic USA parts telephone number is 1-800-833-9626. Other regions have a different number. It can also order via internet.

    My cost including shipping was $16.75 US

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  • Thanks, for the info. Mine fell out at a friends house and was swept and thrown in the garbage bag. I was lucky I discovered in time before garbage bag was thrown outside. But now I know the part number if I have to buy a new one. Panasonic really screwed us up on that whole EVF and eye cup.

  • Thanks kindly for the info debuys. I contacted Panasonic Australia for a replacement quoting the above part number.

    There was no suggestion of sending the camera in, rather they referred me to a 3rd party supplier (Prime Electronics - Brisbane). The eyecup will cost $12 and they suggest it might take between 4 to 6 weeks to order in.

  • Does this eyecup fit our GH3's or 4's?

  • There's a g cup they just released looks good, U.S. At the moment tho it's same price again for shipping to UK + taxes which is a shame makes it a bit expensive, perhaps with gh3 / 4's being quite popular it might get better global distribution it looks spot on.