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DMC-YAGH Topic Alias The Brick
  • The Lumix DMC-YAGH Interface Unit for GH4 from Panasonic is designed to give the Lumix DMC-GH4 camera the video, audio, and power connectivity required for professional video workflows. When attached to the GH4, the Interface Unit has 2 monaural XLR inputs for line or condenser microphones, and gives you independent volume control of the left and right channels. There is also an audio level display monitor and +48V of phantom power for each channel.

    When it comes to video outputs, the Interface Unit provides four BNC connectors - two 3G-SDI capable and two HD-SDI capable. It outputs quad-link SDI 4K video in 4:2:2 10-bit, dual-link 4:2:2 10-bit 1080p up to 60 fps, or four simultaneous 1080p streams up to 30 fps - all with timecode. The Interface Unit also has a BNC connector for timecode input, and converts the GH4's micro HDMI output to a full-sized HDMI output. For power, a 4-pin XLR 12VDC input is available.

    Please note: When using 4:2:2/10-bit output, simultaneous video recording to an SDHC/SDXC memory card in the DMC-GH4 is not possible.

    Product Highlights

    • 2x Monaural XLR Inputs
    • Line/Mic Level Switch & Phantom Power
    • Audio Level Display Monitor
    • 2x 3G-SDI Capable BNC Connectors
    • 2x HD-SDI Capable BNC Connectors
    • Quad-Link SDI Output for 4:2:2/10-Bit 4K
    • HDMI Output
    • Timecode In
    • 12VDC 4-Pin XLR Power Input
    537 x 492 - 27K
    588 x 486 - 35K
    561 x 492 - 34K
    599 x 400 - 36K
    620 x 465 - 42K
    549 x 492 - 28K
    979 x 683 - 222K
    1024 x 683 - 321K
    1024 x 683 - 343K
    1024 x 683 - 347K
    615 x 534 - 36K
    640 x 359 - 63K
    640 x 359 - 62K
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  • The brick Rocks, you can smack your camera operator if it has bad behavior :-P

  • The funny thing is that even with the brick on the GH4 is STILL small. I can imagine that if someone was going to rig up a Recorder and battery pack shoulder mount it would still not be very big in comparison with other cameras with less capability. Just looking at the picture above you can see that it's not too far off from a large DSLR. Adding an Odyssey 7Q and an Anton Bauer type battery pack shouldn't make it too unwieldy with the right rails and shoulder pad combo.

  • No prices speculation.

  • @Aria

    That is why i post so many pics. The size is not that big, and if cables are correctly put together in a single thread, over your shoulder, and put things like recorder hanging on a belt, i see a proper and very powerfull handheld rig.

  • @endotoxic, it's clear to me that people are just put off by the rather clumsy look of the brick. I think they forget just how small the GH4 actually is to start with. There are so many really nice Rig bits that are available now that you can construct just about any customized rig you need. I've been looking at tons of new stuff that has Rosette arms and such where you can make a really compact but comfortable rig where you can connect anything you need.

    The power distribution shoulder pad combos would be perfect for this situation. They're quite affordable and the GH4 plus brick probably aren't heavy anyway. IMO it's a non issue for the functionality and power it would give someone.

  • People complain about weight, but don't remember older times. Poor back, back then!

    1200 x 1600 - 644K
  • at least it was where a camera should be: on your shoulder. No rig needed. No monitor needed. More stable. Think about all the time and effort we waste to get a DSLR onto our shoulder and balanced and evf and monitor and all that.

  • No rig needed. No monitor needed. More stable. Think about all the time and effort we waste to get a DSLR onto our shoulder and balanced and evf and monitor and all that.

    Changing small DSLR on rig is much better idea than changing costly big cameras. Just from pure economics POV.

  • There is a standard for the height the lens should be above the rods to be able to use most of the more professional gear - its 85mm from center to center.

    Is that standard possible with the brick ON the rails? Otherwise I would call it a fail. (Having two tiny screw mounts on the front of the brick is no alternative.)

  • @Psyco

    to be completely honest, i don't find any professional feature on those tiny screws. What are they for? hanging matebox ultra small version from panasonic? or what?

  • +1 @Vitaliy_Kiselev "Changing small DSLR on rig is much better idea than changing costly big cameras. Just from pure economics POV."

  • Well, I can see an opportunity for some third-party creator: make a box that fits under the G4, clamps on some rails, but enables the YAGH box to connect under that. Maybe a set of cable connectors, if needed.

  • A third party really should make a cheaper brick: - That doesn't need external power for the XLR - 1 battery or even better two batteries (or option to add an alternative power supply)

    I don't need BNC Connectors / HD-SD

    Please inform me when it is on the market, so I can get rid of the GH3 battery pack and DR60-D

  • I would love an 2 x XLR + full size HDMI add on box with no external power. I'd love to get rid of my DR60 (although its great) and have a solid HDMI connection.

    Internal pre-amps are actually very good on the GH4. Its just the connection is so flimsy.