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Panasonic Anamorphic adapter
  • Hello again! I am wondering about the right decision in choosing an anamorphic option. There are so many, that have become rareties in some respect. There is the Panasonic AG-LA7200 16:9 Anamorphic Lens Adapter, which is average price is 1000 dollars. Than we have a Century Precision adapter, which is harder to find, but a cheaper pick-up, that seems to provide intense flares. Now we also have the endless array of anamorphic projector lenses, adapted with lens clamps and such, that some say is better, and some say not so much. These include Kowa(which do look pretty nice sporting a 2x Anamorphic, ranging from 100 bucks to over 700, Isco-Optic focusing ana proj lens, and the Sankyoscope anamorphot 1.5x including a +0.5 diopter, focus through, which I haven't found for less than 1000 dollars, and I'm not sure how much the diopter will assist me, but anyhow there are many more, which I'm sure most are aware of. I am just hoping to get a little more insight into what the best and most effective options are.

    Thank you Kindly, -Trev

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