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New Dad's topic
  • Hi.

    I'm gonna be a father, i have just received the grate news, me happy and wanted to share it with the community.

    I'm very exited and nervous cos i never had children, and well, im the last of my never carried even babys! maybe twice.

    Any advice?, the deal is done!

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  • Read all the books you can get -- realise they all disagree with each other, and they do what you feel is right in the first place.

    Mostly, to Dad's babies are that interesting until they start doing things (about 1y -18 months).

    I really remember that moment when you switch from all the Maternity care to closing the car door and its just you, mum and baby on the drive home ...

  • Go to NCT / Ante Natal classes with your partner and then get ready for the maddest but most wonderful time of your life so far... stock up on sleep now. Big time. Learn how to power nap.

  • @endotoxic congratulations. I'm expecting my first baby in only 4 weeks ...

  • @ Vitaliy - Yep, boy i've paged through that book a few million times. Its one of the better options.. can't bear to let my little ones cry though the night. Just too much of a softy i am.

  • So i must read lots of data.... im shure no one is ready for this until happens right?

  • @endotoxic

    I am sure that most horrible thing is that now such natural things are converted by business to something extraordinary. Courses, bunch of books, etc, etc.

  • Father of two.... Third one on the way. Congratulations! Everyone has an opinion on how to bring up children and you will quickly learn that there is no silver bullet remedies for certain situations. Be firm..... If you think caving into your child's every whim will give you some peace it will only come back two fold in another form.

  • Keep the mother happy. Do what is best or what feels right for your family at the time. I reckon its about teamwork. Providing weather is not too extreme walking outside will become your friend. Enjoy. it goes quickly.

  • Congratulations! I'm six months in. It's an amazing ride. People are very quick to give advice. I didn't read much. You'll know what to do. Don't worry, be relaxed, and have fun!

  • Congrats!!! I've got 3 young adults. You'll need TONS of patience and reminding yourself that they are young and learning. My advice is to talk to your kids all the time. Be balanced in your dealing with them. Kids needs rules and consistency and they absorb EVERYTHING they see you do. Even when you don't think they're paying attention. I know I spent a lot of time doing things with my kids and kept the lines of communication open. Your kids should be able to talk to you about anything and not fear opening up to you. Don't expect it to be easy, but it's really not that hard if you make it a priority.

    Toughest thing for me was getting my daughter thru her teenage years. Now she's happily married. My 2 sons are still with me but almost out of the house. Youngest just graduated from college and is working and engaged to be married. Enjoy your baby and take TONS of pictures and video. You'll be happy you did when they grow up!!!

  • I see much love here on PV parents!

    Thank very much for the kind words @aria And @jules ill keep the mom happy.

    We both work together, since im the Director and she is the producer from our own company. We make Publicity and have some other directors on our crew. So ill see myself with baby on locations while shooting only some times.

  • Congrats! I'm the father of an almost 2 year old (February 22) and a 3 month old (October 30), and they're pretty awesome! I hope you get as much joy out of your kid as I do with mine.

    Be prepared for an incredible lack of sleep, and an even more exhausted mom. Don't hesitate to make an extra effort to keep her happy because if you don't, your life will be miserable :)

  • You will come to look on this time, when your children are young, as the best days of your life.

  • Good luck! :) Prepare for a personal paradigm shift / rollercoaster and no matter how much you prepare, It´s impossible to be prepared. (though it helps to prepare :)) - try as best you can to work together even if the times are rough and try and keep on the same page (communicate). One thing I read before being a father that I think has been important: demand responsability as a father and not just settle as "the maintenance guy" to your wife and kid(s). At first, this is pretty much what you can expect (doing all kinds of maintenance) as biology / physics has it that so much care is up to the mom. However, as soon as is humanly possible, demand to get & take responsability. She should not have to think or worry about when you and the kid are together and neither should you when they are together. (mind, she will most likely feel the pressures of society and her own hormones to be in charge of everything and keep watch at all times - you sometimes have to be adamant of yourself as a parent)

    This is one key to maturing, becoming more equal as parents (improving parent-kid relationships), as well as maturing as a couple and making it feel worthwhile in the midst of what can be pretty chaotic at times. At least, that's my experience.

    Father of two, soon 3 year old (may) and 1 year old (january).. They are great fun, drive me nuts and are absolutely wonderful at the same time.

  • Congrats! Hardest part about raising a baby is not the crying, feeding,'s that all those things take away from time you are used to spending doing other stuff - so time management is key! Cherish all the moments. And finally, everyone thinks they are smarter than you and will have lots of advice, just ignore them and do what you feel is best for your family.

  • image

    Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig's "Gee Dad, you're fantastic!"

  • My single advice is to shoot! Even if you're nervous and exhausted, don't forget to shoot, you won't regret it later. These are one time moments in your life...

    I got my GH2 for the birth of my first son. 2 months premature, 1Kg. Still very emotional for us almost 3 years later :

    And our second son, born one month ago. 3Kg. Shot with the same camera, but hacked :)

    Shoot, shoot, shoot !!!

  • @danyblue +1 on shooting! Lovely videos. My lil girl was born 26 weeks (with a host of challenges even to this day) so I know how hard it can be at those early times particularly.

    @endotoxic My Parental advice is..don't take advice from "experts". First time parenting is a learning curve. It'll come naturally when you first hold your baby's hand ;-)

  • @danyblue

    I highly advice to get Sony 3D camera for home videos. As after some time 3D video looks like reality so you can relive the moments.

  • Kids make great test video material for your next GH6000+

  • Hah I forgot to say you can use the new baby as an excuse to buy some gear...I know I do! :-D

  • Our latest addition, Juliana. I've got two boys and now my family is complete. :D

    Shot entirely on G6 with 12-35, mostly handheld apart from stabiliser shot of house