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Computer hardware and software capabilities for GH4k codecs
  • since the arrival of the Canon Cinema 4k line, no other manufacturer (expect JVC shit implementation) is going full on this. Sony has some camcorders but at low level of 4k.

    What would be needed to run such massive codecs that GH4k would deliver. I know 200mbps its not that much, but decoding that shit in low time on the timeline i think would be a problem.

    Anyone with experience in 4k with some codec implementation that its not JVC or Mjpg from canon?

    What specs to use in a machine that can handle this. Obviously the monitor must be 4k, but the computer, it is ready for it.

    Lets read your opinions.

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  • It looks strange to discuss rumors and codecs you do not know.

    Computers and monitors are not really 'ready for 4K', as HDMI 2.0 is still very rare (and you need it for 60fps use in real work with software).

  • Vitaliy, camera is arround the corner, we all know it wont have H265 codec. so how would we all be able to use this footage on current software.

    seems then GH4k is not the solution either. so we are stuck with 1080p with a 4k camera, thats stupid

  • I really do not know that you mean with such emotional posts :-) Just wait for normal specs.

  • im just saying, what would be proper hardware for such camera?

  • @endotoxic - If you're talking about editing 4K, it's my understanding you should be able to use any reasonably equipped computer or laptop. Just make a proxy file and edit that first. But I'm impatient to hear about people's experience editing 4K from the Sony and Panasonic cameras coming out this Spring as well. Like Vitaliy says, we'll just have to wait and see...