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Color export shift. Dell U2410 wrong profile.
  • Colors getting change as soon as timeline is open for export. I need help. I had the same issue last year and I ended up with fresh system installed. I could not find out what was cousin this issue but fresh osx instal helps and everything was OK. I wasn't to exited to install everything again today and after all it did not help. Exported video looks washed out like in export window. especially reds-became yellow (visible on picture below). I tried open PP project and export in AE - same result. Any Ideas?

    Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 17.33.43.png
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  • Well, video color management in OS X is broken - and always has been - because of Gamma shifts between different video applications. It was supposedly fixed in more recent versions of the OS, but in reality is still not fixed and a highly confusing subject matter:

  • Thank you for replay. Im aware of gamma issue but this is not even exported yet. In fact exported would looks washed no matter what format prores h264 etc. Assigning different profile will not fix colours if I upload this online - as described in the link

  • You probably need a professional video preview monitor along with an SDI card for critical colors. AFAIK, none of the operating system-level color previews are reliable.

  • could be one of those rec709 vs full scale video issues(google if you don't know what that is exactly). check the colormanagement settings in adobe.

  • Thank you for replays. I found a solution - was very simple and as usually unexpected. How my monitor canbe fine for a year and then to cheap another day. I found on black magic forum the same issue in resolve on the same Dell U2410 monitor. Dell says its manufacture calibrated. There is few profiles on it to choose. Standard vas the best results on windows - of course for calibration with for example Spyder. However on mac I can only use SRGB preset. Otherwise, even after Spyder calibration everything is.... wired that colour difference between timeline previe-export file/export window. So the issue here is wide gimmit Dell monitor and wrong Profile which for same reason Spyder can't handle.