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Encoding parameters to view footage on GH2
  • Is There Any Way Or Codec Etc. Too Make It To Where You Can Playback edited footage on GH2?

    Say you wanna watch some of your films or something on your gh2 but they have been edited and you want to watch the edited version is there any way of converting it so it can be played on the gh2? yes i know it is a weird quiesiton thanks!

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  • Any reason to do so complex thing?

  • Lol i was wondering if i could use it to play a movie or something if i converted it to gh2 file format etc. IS THERE ANY POSSIBLE WAY?


    I think, yes. :-) It just makes no sense.

  • Yes, there is a way to prepare H.264 AVCHD files on an SD card so as to play on Panasonic devices using multiAVCHD. I did it for my Viera TV so it may work on a camera too. But I found it a waste of time. [ie it worked - but I spent too much time doing it and decided to get a life instead]

  • Care To Enlighten Me? What about the mjpeg codec would that be easier?

  • Good to know. A nice application of this method is being able to display a color bars calibration image on my external monitor.

  • What I'm Basically Trying To Do is Recreate The export settings used by the camera in premire pro et.c so the file will be of the exact same type and able to play on the camera.

  • how cna i create an mts file?

  • Well i finally got the mjpeg format down so thnx for all your help mahaloz