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  • I'll be traveling through Vienna and Bratislava on my way to Sardinia to cover an event soon. Anyone know of any restrictions in those countries on traveling with camera gear? Nothing huge, but will have multiple cameras 2 x Gh13's and a Panasonic HMC 152 with the usual lens/rig/kit/tripod etc.

    Austria - Bratislava will be a car border crossing, the others by air.

    Thanks R
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  • Looks like I should have no problems then.

    I only ask because I had to leave the hmc 152 at customs when entering Mexico a few years ago and retrieve on leaving.
  • I can't say for certain, but I really can't imagine you'll have any issues travelling between countries in the EU. I can't speak for the Austria - Bratislava border but all the countries I've driven through in Western Europe have all long since stopped even having manned borders, let alone checks.
  • Ok thanks Sam. Some of these custom guys seem to think you're going to sell the stuff and not take it with you when you leave.
  • You'll encouter two types of customs a lot of the time in the EU - one for flights from outside of the EU and another for internal EU flights. Once you're in the EU you shouldn't have any issues.
  • Yup, the outside the Eu was the one that concerned me most. Damn hmc attracts attention because of it's size, where as the GH1's look touristy.
  • I'll just have to look as non paparazzi as i can .. :-)