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Holiday Buyers Guide. Or how NOT to buy junk.
  • Main tip.

    How rich you are is determined by how much money you have, not by what you own.

    What you own is how much money you've given away to others!

    Once you've bought this junk, you no longer have your money.


    Contrary to 99% of sites driven by advertisements, I really suggest to stop at this period of time.
    And think.
    Do you really need all this junk you bough last year?
    Are you really, absolutely need this item you are constantly thinking about now?

    Topic will be updated periodically in upcoming days

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  • Next tip.

    Patience is always rewarded:




    715 x 406 - 49K
    725 x 401 - 43K
    709 x 415 - 48K
  • Buying the latest technology is a sucker's game. But most people keep doing it.

  • I spend all my money on food.

    Until this last spring I was shooting photos for work on a Nikon D50.

  • Next tips.

    • Holidays are, in fact, good time to buy stuff. But not this year models.
    • Pay special attention to last year models refurbished offers.
    • Look for open box items. In the time of strict price control from manufacturers and distributors many sellers declare items as open box even if it is closed box. :-)
  • This is how I do it, live frugally and buy cheap!

    @jpbturbo a D50 was my first DSLR and I still use it very often.

  • For lighting and grip gear I always try to buy a top dollar brand....but used. You're gonna scuff the hell out of the paint on a brand new matthews stand anyway. Might as well have someone do it for you first.

  • Next tip.

    Never ever buy anything for credit money.

    The only reason to do it if you have signed contract requiring such equipment and thing you are buying will pay for itself in very short amount of time using money of this contract.

  • Next tip.

    This year Americans spent about $5.4 billion on iPhones only slightly better than the ones they already owned, new research finds.

    And do not do this.