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Rare baby Hypergonar cinemascope anamorphic lens for sale
  • I am going to sell my baby hypergonar cinemascope lens. Allegedly, 50 units of these gems- 52 grams, 1.8 oz.- made around 1960s by Henri Chrétien before selling the rights of his optical patent to 20th Fox on late 60’s. With spectacular images quality, exceptional anamorphic flares, small size and ease of use, this tiny beast is –and will remain to be- hard to compete in the whole anamorphic world. Optically, the glass is in very good condition, exceptional for its age. There are minimal signs of use but nothing to affect the quality of the image. The price is $2500 but you are welcome to submit if you have an offer. Please check these samples to see what you can do with this baby:

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  • @Ehsanm do you (or anyone) know what lens is paired with the baby anamorphic in the ARVO footage to get such a great image out of the GH2? Thanks :)

    Edit: Francisco Rios confirmed, it's the Helios 58mm - must get one of those!

  • Yes. As you mentioned he did use Helios 58mm.

  • I think the submarine one is amazing.

  • Any pictures available?

  • Yes. Here we go

    1000 x 562 - 55K
    1000 x 562 - 54K
    1000 x 562 - 89K
  • Another one

    1000 x 562 - 77K
  • It is $2200!

  • Have limits with bumping, please.

  • Sure Vitaliy. Thanks for mentioning.

  • Another baby hypergonar for sale, excellent condition, $3000 Please shoot me a message if you need more info or photos.

    1500 x 996 - 166K
    1500 x 996 - 134K
    1500 x 996 - 161K
    1500 x 996 - 174K
  • $3000 really? why it is so expensive? for a little more you can get an Iscorama...and forget about the double focus!