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Point Grey - Grasshopper3 Sony IMX174 162 fps at 1080p - Global Shutter
  • Features:

    No smear •

    Distortion-free Dynamic range of 73 dB •

    Peak QE of 76% •

    Read noise of 7e-

    High resolution 1920x1200px •

    Max frame rate of 162fps

    Sony’s Global Shutter CMOS technology truly fulfills the promise of global shutter CMOS: crisp, clear, distortion-free images at high speeds.

    Sony's IMX174 sensor clearly outperforms with performance statstics unheard of among CMOS global shutter sensors. See table below.

    Sony engineers invented a special “analog memory” that perfectly stores the light collected in the photodiode. This memory is shielded from all sources of noise and allows for a clean conversion during the analog to digital process.


    Outdoor applications where lighting is variable
    Scientific applications where low light is the norm
    Factory automation where high resolution and speed is required 

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  • Costs just under $2k, am I correct? Seems a decent price for what it is, BUT capture is still the tricky part with things like this, I'm sure you're aware of.

    Are you still going with a mac based system for your setup? Doing my own research a while back for a cheaper cam I found some PC based solutions for Automotive installations that are 12v DC powered that could work for a portable capture PC.

  • They also make a wonderful 4k raw camera head for just under 1000$. :) Also USB3 and high frame rates at lower res.

    My question is: how does one mount a lens on it?

  • @CRFilms - I am using Win or Linux for capture. A MBP is only because I want one laptop for editing and capture. And I like FCP7

    @fatpig these take any c-mount lenses.