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Exporting movie with Motion Jpeg Codec with After Effects CC (Mac)
  • Hey guys, I'm currently using After Effects CC at work on an iMac 27". I have to render out a video in .MOV Motion Jpeg that will be playing at a local Cineplex theatre, but I can't find the codec anywhere... Any suggestions?

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  • I'm not at the studio, so I'm not "near" my machine ... and I'm a PC user ... but dot-mov is a Quicktime file codec and I think shows up on the AE list under Quicktime ... but I could be wrong, check and see ... as I've a GH3 and D600, all my files are dot-mov ...


  • Send your comp to the Render queue, then click Output module settings in Render queue, select Format: Quicktime

    Below that Format options/ Video Codec: MJPEG A or B.

  • @inqb8tr That's exactly my problem. I don't have this option in the render queue Format options/ Video Codec: MJPEG A or B

    Would I need Quicktime Pro?

  • @x_worpig_x

    Now I have learned that others had to "enable legacy encoders" in quick time (in earlier versions of OSX it was done in system prefs, now it has to be done from command line in terminal). There are many articles on how that is done, try googling that, I just glanced on few topics and that is probably where you'll find a solution.

  • [Solved] The problem was solved. Quicktime for Mavericks does not include the old codecs. I had to buy Quicktime Pro.

  • Thanks for the info, what else is missing?

  • Ahh ... sorry, should have remembered and mentioned that, as on the PC one does need QT pro, especially to get ALL their codecs AND to be able to re-mate audio and video streams that have been processed separately. It was after I'd acquired QT-P that I had all the QT codecs ... just thought that Mac would include all their codecs period. huh.