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Palette, physical interface controller
  • Palette

    Though they're on kikcstarter campaign, it's possibly a good investment ;-)

    That chinese buttons' store is just crazy 8-)

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  • Great. I just need one button, but that can take serious slam.

  • @inqb8tr jajaja, probably you're right but if you happen to be able to control several applications with same display, specially sound and repetitive movements ones, you may start thinking differently; or building your own. I use a mouse which is linked to an app that tweaks its 9 buttons differently depending on what program is in the foreground and my workflow has absolutely nothing to do with before this simple thing.

    Also, long time ago did a test in developing a big amount of photographies, it took me about 2 min per photo.
    Then I switched DAM soft and hardware and right away it took me about 1'45 secs per image. Doesn't seems much but after 10 hours it makes big difference. All and all I don't know if this palette it's the ideal tool or if it's build to last 1000 angry space invaders games:P

  • after some time...

    the video is a bit... ridiculous, but at least they carried the project through

  • Yeah - I finally received mine a week or two ago. Just about all of the controls feel pretty good. I'm still trying to figure out how to best set it up with my desk layout, but so far, it feels a lot more useful than several other alternative input-type devices that I've bought/tried in the last few years (Myo/Leap/Kinect hack) and it's the one I'm most apt to end up using in any meaningful way.

  • @eatstoomuchjam You enjoy it my friend!!
    I love the idea of physical controls... if you're correcting an image in LR and use the slider for WB (say cooler/warmer), what happens when you go to next image? I mean, AFAIK the knobs and sliders are not motorized, so would the prog assume previous value, wait for you to reset (bring to "neutral") or what?... I'm really curious. Also do you know if same knobs, buttons and sliders can be used with other apps, for instance Resolve?

  • @maxr - The slider is the weakest component. If you assign it to something and move the slider to adjust it and then move to the next image, the value is at the default until you move the slider. Then it jumps to the value where the slider is now.

    As far as app support, here are the options that they present. I imagine that you could do something in resolve with a keyboard config, but it would probably be a bit clunky. I've mostly used mine with Premiere.

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  • @eatstoomuchjam hummm, I see. Hopefully the developers would find some way around physical and soft limitaions +) Apretiate your feedback, enjoy... and let me know if you're interested in some extra hallucinogenicly-sweet homebrewed peach jam ,-)