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Options for Portable 3d monitoring during production
  • There are expensive 3D monitors available. However, I am cheap. Hence, this thread is a list of somewhat cheaper options.

    If you are using a dual camera setup - you need to sync the 2x HDMI or HD-SDI signals into a single HDMI 1.4a signal.

    Options are Matrox mc-100 or AJA Hi5-3D ~ 500/- USD

    The cheapest monitoring option is the Sony HMZ-T2 or Sony HMZ-T3 Don't get the T1 as its too bulky.

    Hi5-3D has an anaglyph option that will allow use of a 2d monitor with the red-green glasses. The user manual lists the method for selecting anaglyph on pages 9 and 10: These go for about $500 USD and consume about 5 watts. It also supports full frame-pack as well as SxS and TxB squeezing output modes.

    The most portable option for a native 1080p monitor seems to be TVLogic

    There are a number of tablets and PMPs by Gadmei - but none of these offer an HDMI input.

    If you know of a cheap-ish display, PMP (less than 1K) that offers 3d HDMI input (either single 1.4a HDMI or dual HDMI) do post about it.

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  • From Forgot to say that be careful of the hi5-3d, sometimes they can add frame syncing to the signal (this retimes the cameras and knocks out genlock/shutter sync). Test fast hand movement and you'll soon see if this is the case or not. If it is, roll back onto an older firmware version on the hi5-3d.

    Also check that the GPIO menu section of the cams is set to external genlock source.

    Cant think of any gotchas right now... Oh yes, if you're running the 3.3.3 beta firmware, autofocus will put the cameras out of sync and you will need to change frame rate / resolution to reset.

  • I use the Matrox MC100 and a cheap LG Monitor with passive glasses

  • How big was the LG monitor ?