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  • Yesterday morning I noticed that my Mac had mounted by 12TB Raid drive twice. At the time I merely thought 'That's odd' Yesterday evening my Mac didn't mount mount the 12TB Raid (its some 8GB) full.

    Disk Utility would see the drive and the partition (greyed out). It couldn't verify or repair the partition. fsck was having none of it either. It took all night for the Raid device to verify itself, and it claimed all the bytes were in the correct place and there were no disk errors.

    My strategy of having a Raid6 device with 6 drives (double stripe and parity) for security was looking rather weak.

    After a bit of googling, foruming and $112 dollars I downloaded Disk Warrior. 10 minutes later and all is good.

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  • Disk Warrior has been my goto savior for disk problems since 2006. I can't tell you how many dead LeCie and G-Raid external drives we had at one post house "go bad" - wouldn't mount, or would show up corrupted, that Disk Warrior resurrected.

    I still use it to this day.

  • Disk Warrior is great. It also helps to run Disk Utility verification often. Sometimes, I found that deleting files and copying new files on the HD can cause some directory errors. I also run Mountain Lion Cache cleaner for regular maintenance.