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Premiere Pro and Speedgrade October 2013 Update
  • I know @shian and everyone else here serious about color work will love this. I may be a Resolve man, but I'll be damned if Adobe isn't vying for my heart with this update. Jumping back and forth between Premiere and Speedgrade seamlessly is a fast-paced production dream.

    There is a ton going on with this update, but this paragraph is what has me smiling.

    "Color is becoming increasingly important throughout an entire production workflow, and the addition of the Lumetri Deep Color Engine in the June 2013 Premiere Pro CC release gave editors the ability to work with beautiful SpeedGrade grades right inside the application. With this release, SpeedGrade has fully implemented the Mercury Playback Engine from Premiere Pro, and a brand new workflow between the two applications is being introduced, namely Direct Link. With Direct Link, editors can save a project in Premiere Pro and then open the sequence they were working on directly in SpeedGrade, with no need to deal with interchange formats or any kind of conversion. SpeedGrade then opens the sequence in a familiar timeline that more closely matches how you work in Premiere Pro. You can access all the clip edit points, transitions, and layers, using the same track layout as Premiere Pro. From there, create your grades, and then reopen the same project in Premiere Pro with all your color work fully intact. This workflow uses no interchange formats and no importing or exporting – it’s just the same Premiere Pro project moving between the two applications."

    A quick demo of the capabilities apparently. I guess this whole CC thing has some merit update wise.

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