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Best Windows MTS player
  • Hi all,

    Which player do you use to see MTS files on windows?
    I use VLC but the paying is never smooth and the color seems a little bit washed.

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  • For Windows I liked KMPlayer.
  • for some reason, Windows Media Player does a good job. better than vlc which keeps "tearing" on the files
  • I like Arcsoft & WMP
  • In my opinion, is more dependent on codecs. My vlc play smoother then windows media player.
  • @Max
    well , obviously... which is why the OP asked which player is good for .MTS files which is the extension of the AVCHD codec. WMP is generally crap and I always use VLC, but VLC is crap with avchd files in particular, whereas WMP isn't
  • FWIW - KMPlayer is extremely versatile. You can set up codecs how you prefer. There are many playback options.
  • VLC can play any file format because I guess has nearly every codec inside but quality seems to me quite crappy.
    Maybe WMP works well if external codecs are already installed on the machine.
    I'm looking at the KMplayer docs and it has all the codecs onboard. I'll give it a try
  • kmplayer has been superseded by potplayer, it's the same code base but cleaned up and actively developed.

    the most accurate would be media player classic - home cinema (or potplayer) with madvr renderer. amongst other things, madvr supports the use of 3dlut files for colour calibration, but even without this has the best internal rendering (full 16-bit processing using video card pixel shaders) of any renderer. this setup requires a decent spec computer though.

    the fastest (while still being accurate) would be media player classic - home cinema with its own built in dxva accelerated decoder (if your video card supports it) using one of the enhanced video renderers (evr, evr custom, evr sync).

    both can be a bit fiddly to set up (madvr more so) unless you are willing to read up. unfortunately, vlc while being easy to use out of the box, is a jack of all trades and master of none.

    mpc-hc -
    madvr -
    ycms/3dlut -
    (doom9 forums are where many developers for software like mpc-hc, x264, ffdshow, etc. hang out and discussion can get very long-winded and technical, but is the best place if you want to read up more)

    it looks like there is a relatively new high quality decoder LAV CUVID which is worth investigating (allows dxva decoding and hardware deinterlacing while using madvr renderer). You would use this instead of your player's internal decoder, or external decoder if you are using ffdshow, coreavc, etc.
  • +1 on Media Player Classic for .mts
  • I use Zoom Player for very long time.
    You can use free version without any problems.

    It installs latest ffdshow, but you can buy CoreAVC if you like faster CPU based decoder.
  • Splash Player definitely!
  • I use XBMC for playback. It works so well for reviewing footage that it has become a necessary element in my workflow. Performance is really strong for MTS files and high bitrate footage so far.
  • Windows Media Player Classic Home Cinema with ffdshow. No problem until 1GOP MTS and I had to use i external filter (in "OPTIONS").
  • Ditto on the splash player, Pro version is better.
  • Yes, I meant Splash Player at all, I also use the Pro EX version.
  • GOM player is my favorite, though had to install CoreAVC for it to work properly with GH2 files, always worked great with GH1 files. Has frame by frame advance, will automatically load all files in folder so will just play continuously (can disable in preferences) can set priority for which codecs to use for which types of video extensions, can zoom in while playing and move the image around (real time pan and scan) can do batch screen captures, can select which video rendering method to use if any at all, plus many more options