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Interesting stuff: Sanda 100 stabilizer
  • Not frequently you can see some original stabilizer.

    This one is clearly very interesting.

    Company added counterbalance.
    Main goal is to remove twisting force on handle.



    Compani product page:
    486 x 650 - 23K
    289 x 236 - 13K
    289 x 236 - 11K
    289 x 236 - 10K
    320 x 236 - 9K
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  • Any idea how to obtain one?
  • I just heard from these guys. $485 with shipping and insurance, bank wire transfer only. Does anyone have an opinion as to whether this would be worthwhile?
  • Looks like a solid product. There are several videos of them in action. It appears that the two best choices in that price performance range are that one and the Blackbird plain; or$200 more fully outfitted.

    Order one and give us the scoop!
  • Hard to decide. The website samples here look slightly better than blackbird in terms of transmitting body rhythm and sway to the shot. I would love to hear from some engineers if this looks like an intrinsically more sensible design.
  • My mistake. 485 euros, not dollars. Sorry.
  • In that case I would probably go with the Blackbird.