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GH2 post production -Premiere Pro CS6
  • Pertaining to post production with the GH2 - Using slipstream 3 moon hack. As I attempt to bring in footage to Premier Pro CS6 the playback is hicuppy at best, starting with the audio cutting out. Would anyone have any workable preference for this situation. The media files all natively save to a private folder in which I transferred to my HDD. From there I took the footage into Premier. I began with opening the files, then after the hiccups, I decided to import, still same problems occur. Also using Dynamic Link, do you have to import all used media files to each different program?

    Windows 8 Intel Corei7-3630QM Geforce GTX 680M / 4GB GDDR5 12GB RAM DDRIIII 750GB 7200RPM

    hence, should have no problem running any of these programs in cohesion.