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Short Review of the Varavon Slider (Lite 600) and Motorroid
  • For ~$500 I am very happy with the combo of the Lite 600 slider and Motorroid unit found here

    My battery is giving me problems but I bought a cheap one off ebay so not at all the fault of Varavon. (if anyone has a suggestion for a decent and right priced battery let me know.)

    One suggestion to Varavon is to have the Motorroid unit attach to the slider with more than one screw. If it were attached with two screws on each end, rather than one, I believe it would be more resistant to loosening. This wasn't a major issue, but was something I noticed.

    Above is the first video I did with the slider and it added a ton of production value to the short film. I probably overused the slider because I was excited about adding that slow, steady, cinematic motion to my shots. Combined with a 90 degree plate I was able to get nice looking pseudo-jib shots (the camera moving vertically instead of horizontally) in the garage and over the stone wall. I'd also suggest getting a good ball head to go between the camera and the slider to quickly be able to level up any shot. Huge benefit. The best part of using the motorroid is its ability to slide the camera very slowly, and very steadily. When I use the slider without the Motorroid, I cannot move the camera as slowly and steadily, and the "high production value" look is lost.

    Just my 2 cents.