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AVCHD CODEC vibrates on objects
  • I have recently urchase this camera and hacked with the new lpowell 75mbs patch. however on the AVchd setting theres is alot of vibration and its not smooth on movements its worst then any other lumix footage i have ever seen. even with a slider movement the objects are vibrating. I have a UHS1 94/mbs SD card

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  • What shutter speed are you using, and whatever frame rate are you shooting at?

  • Hey bill thanks for the reply, I am shooting at 60 SS @25P . However with Mpg I have no problems its very smooth but its a massive problem only on the AVCHD format I have tried all the hack patches available the Same problem still persists with all of the differnt patches. is ther something wrong with this particular or i dont know frustrated:@@@..... Thanks for your help