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Panasonic GH3 firmware update V1.2
  • I couldn't find any other threads on the new GH3 firmware V1.2. If this isn't the correct place to post please move it.

    It appears that low light AF is improved. and several new settings are added. I don't fully understand when AF is improved though. Is it when the scene is underexposed or just when you are using a high ISO? I have tried some tests with my v1.1 firmware GH3 but it seems to do an excellent job already without the update.

    Has anyone applied the update already. Will applying this update prevent you from using a Hack/Patch that is based off of the v1.1 firmware? If so then I imagine a lot of people won't update right away. I don't intend to hack my GH3 so I will give v1.2 a shot.

    There is a good explanation of the low light focusing by Andy Westlake at the link below.

    Here are the changes


    "Low Light AF" is added that makes it possible to set focus on the subject in low-lit situations (-3EV).

    "Silent Mode" is added which suppresses electronic shutter, shutter sound, operation sound and flash emission with a single setting.

    "Exposure Comp. Reset" is added which resets the setting of exposure compensation to ±0 whenever the camera is turned off or the shooting mode is changed.

    Performance of AF is enhanced in use with H-PS14042 and H-PS45175.

    Connection problem with Apple Mac computers via Wi-Fi is fixed.

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  • Information is present in two topics - development one and official topic for GH3

  • how can i enable "Low light focus"? I cant find it in menus .

    I cant see any difference in focus speed or accuracy in low light …

  • There is no setting for "Low Light Focus". It activates it automatically. I have done some limited testing and I can't discern a noticeable difference either.

  • The Exposure Comp Reset setting in the Tools menu does not work with custom settings. The custom settings will always reset the exposure to whatever it was when the custom setting was saved. I would think that the custom settings should use the new feature instead of ignoring it.

    The new "Silent Mode" is under the custom tools setting.

  • i made a test in my very low light living room , before and after firmware update , and i cant find any difference . On both firmwares i cant focus on anything with very low light.

  • I just got the round dot with the word low to appear(This is the new feature that they added). It isn't easy to get it to do that but it worked in Manual stills mode. It brightens up the display for a second by presumably decreasing the shutter duration.

    The new AF feature seems like it is great for stills. It doesn't appear to operate at all during video though.

  • how did you managed to show low focus indicator ?

  • Thanks for the heads-up, fellas. Will install when I get home, even though it has none of the features that I really want (external display disappearing!).

  • @toxotis70

    I put it in manual stills mode with "Constant Preview" on. Then I selected a shutter speed that would cause the display to under expose. When I forced it to try to refocus it automatically lowered the shutter speed of the display, brightened up the display, and refocused. It went back to the values I selected after about 1 second and displayed the circle with the word low on the display. I had never seen that icon before.

  • I am feeling really dumb that I cannot figure this out but has anyone been able to connect their gh3 with a mac since this new firmware?