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Fotodiox, Excell, Lens Turbo analogs for m43 and NEX
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    The Vizelex Light Cannon from Fotodiox Pro is an advanced lens mount adapter that not only attaches a Nikon Lens (including G & D type) to a Micro 4/3 (MFT) camera body, but has added light focusing optics which makes the lens wider by a 0.72x factor and increases the maximum aperture of the lens by 1 stop. This effectively allows use of your 35mm lenses on a crop sensor camera and not lose the angle of view normally associated with lens mount adapters (ie, 50mm lens stays roughly a 50mm lens equivalent).

    Additionally, this light focusing optic gives a faster than normal aperture, turning a f/2.8 into the equivalent of a f/2.0; perfect for shooting in low light situations, when you need a faster shutter speed, or want a lower ISO sensitivity! The blue dial on the adapter is an aperture adjustment dial which allows the iris to be adjusted on even the Nikon G & D lenses; on older Nikon lenses with a aperture dial on the lens, the blue dial on the adapter can act as a depth of field preview lever allowing you to switch back and forth between wide open and stopped down to a certain f-stop.

    As with all Fotodiox Pro series adapters, these adapters have been specially crafted to endure professional use. The leaf spring design in the adapter holds the lens tight to the camera body ensuring there is no play between the camera and the lens. The all metal design and polished surface is designed to guarantee a smooth mounting and long lasting experience. With unique styling, the lens mount adapter maintains a professional appearance. Although the lens will fit physically, automatic diaphragm, auto-focusing, or any other functions will not operate correctly while using this adapter. Because of this “stop-down mode” will need to be used when metering since the lens does not have the ability to have its aperture controlled by the camera body. You can shoot with manual mode or aperture priority mode. Infinity focusing is guaranteed

    • Crop Factor Gain 0.72x
    • Aperture Control Yes via Adapter
    • from $149


    Their own site

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  • this and sigma 18-35???? Would that be like 13-25 f/1.4?

  • Holy Crap! I almost want to be the guinea pig for PV on this one!

  • I'll call them tomorrow and see what the return policy is. If it's ok to return it if the optics turn out to be shit, I'll order one, test it, post the results and ya'll let me know what you think. Cool?

  • @vicharris - if you do contact them, could you ask about Canon FD adaptor?

  • Their website says that they have a 14-day money back policy from time of receipt, less shipping charges. I just ordered one and will post results. Search online for the June coupon'll save you $24.

    @vicharris, what kind of lenses and patches (if any) will you shoot with?

    @Sph1nxster, the adapter is reportedly .72x, so it'd be 1.86(GH2)x.72(adapter)xfocal length, so 24-47mm, give or take.

  • @brandt - great stuff, looking forward to your results. I use a GH3 and thanks for clarrifying those numbers. I don't have a full frame comparison frame of mind, I just know what my Panasonic 12-35 looks like and so I was comparing it with that.

  • @Sph1xster, I've read conflicting info on how to measure the crop, but it seems like the general thought is that it's about 2.1x for stills and 1.86x for video, with the change in aspect ratio and all.

    I'm a little confused by the claim of 1 f/stop gain, though. I thought that the gain was directly related to the magnification/crop. So, a .72x crop would result in a .72 f/stop gain.

  • Wow. Looks great. I was just about to start selling all my Canon EF lenses for Nikons-mount versions anyways... :)

    Anyone ordered yet? Confirmed to be shipping?

  • At this price I'd definetly buy it for my FD lenses. Hmm need to check nikon glass prices...

  • Haha, just what I needed for my Nikon Tokinas :)

  • I just bought a Nikkor 35-70mm f/2.8 AF-D about a month ago. Constant Aperture F/2.0 Here I come!

  • Mine is ordered. No shipping confirmation yet. I have a set of Rokkor-x primes, so I'll be ordering the Fotodiox MD to F mount adapter. If there are compatibility issues, they won't have any excuses! I do have one Nikkor-s to test as well.

    May need to invest in a few f-mount primes if this works well.

  • Enter "Facebook" at checkout and get 15% as well. I'm very tempted to try this out.

  • OK, I just ordered mine. We'll see how this thing works out. the return policy is good so if it's garbage no big deal right?

  • One thing:

    It says "x0,72" and "use of your 35mm lenses on a crop sensor camera and not lose the angle of view" - something is wrong here, isn't it?

    If its for m4/3 the x0,72 would be perfect for APS-C size lenses (like the Tokina 11-16 f2.8), but not for a fullframe lens, as this would need x0,5 to not loose any angle of view.


  • Psyco. Yeah, they got that wrong. Not very confidence inspiring is it? haha

  • Man, this just came out of left field.

  • Ordered one as well. Fotodiox is a familiar enough name that I feel okay with blind-buying one of these. I used the Facebook discount code and splurged a bit on 2 day shipping so hopefully I'll get this on Friday or Saturday.

  • Has anyone received a shipping confirmation at all?

    I'd order one if I knew they were shipping right now...

  • Just ordered. Thanks for the heads up! This would go perfect with a 70-200mm f2.8 (converting it to a 50mm f2.0, sweet!!)

  • @kholi since it was just ordered I received an order confirmation, but no shipping confirmation. I'm hoping that will occur within the 48 to 96 hrs. If not I'll update this forum.

  • @kholi nope, order confirmation, but no shipping info yet. could take awhile.

  • Amazon has it too now. No discount though. Just ordered one too so hopefully it will ship soon. I see a return address in the states so maybe they are shipping from here too.

  • Got a shipping confirmation on 2nd Day shipping.

    Really want an EF version, but this will be a good way to gauge whether or not the entire Speed Booster/Focal Reducer thing works for me, personally, with my Blackmagic cameras.

  • Hi, is Nikon Lens (including G & D type) same as F type or is it a totally different mount? Thanks