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AE Export CC for Vimeo and other players
  • Im trying to find out optional CC for exports for After Effect cs6 (for the moment) Composition settings 16bits and colour from display calibration-I just found this and thought its a good solution. I exported as Prores 422 and uploaded this to Vimeo Plus 1080p. My "desired" Look from AE looks good only in Movist. QT and Vimeo looks the same washed. I know I can use Movist to be happy :) but How to achieve "AF desired Look" to Vimeo and QT what most potential viewers use. Do you know any washed settings in AF :) or any other solution? Screen shoots from all 4 sources attached. video sample here if needed

    pass 787878

    1600 x 1000 - 2M
    1600 x 1000 - 2M
    1600 x 1000 - 2M
    1600 x 1000 - 1M
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  • I'd like to know what people are doing for this issue as well. It's a gamma/quicktime thing I think.

  • Is the question so simple that nobody write a word or link?

  • It was not Quicktime gamma shift. After all I had to instal fresh system. Prores looks good only if I imported back to Premiere. Non of the players plays colors how they looked in AE or PPro. Interesting thing was when I imported same files into premiere on other computer it was still washed. I wiil probably never find out why this happened :)