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Apocalypse Now Patch moiring/extremely sharp.
  • Hello all,

    I've just hacked my GH2 with the Apocalypse Now patch (the smooth one if I recall correctly) and it's absolutely fantastic. I'm an amateur and I'm still learning everything, but the colours and details are great. I've found that the High Bit Rate setting is better than the 24P but with both I have some major issues with what I think is moiring. It's objects mainly with straight edges such as books, or repetitive patterns such as pillows that seem to kind of pulse and flicker.

    I've read a fair bit around the site to try and adjust the settings to smooth and reduce things by -2 etc, but I'm finding that it just can't handle these kinds of images without pulsing.

    Is there any work arounds or things that I'm missing as an amateur, and if not, are there alternative patches that have tackled these kinds of problems whilst retaining the brilliant quality?

    Thanks in advance,