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Current mass media motto
  • The people are hungry for more than just food.
    They crave distractions.
    And if we don’t provide them, they’ll create their own.
    And their distractions are likely to end with us being torn to pieces.


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  • Interesting, but what does this imply/mean...and which countries' media does it refer too?

  • but what does this imply/mean...and which countries' media does it refer too?

    It means to provide as much entertainment as possible. And apply to any place in this world.

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  • I must be an exception to the crowd rule. I am craving good journalism just like good food.

    Even trusted news sources are serving up junk news that leaves me hungry. (Breakfast TV screens the opinion of a group of sparkly people but little news. If I'm not listening carefully the first time, I need not worry - they're not afraid to repeat, even the simplest news items).

    What's working for me recently is this - I'm recording BBC World News, Al Jazeera and France's Antenne 2 while I sleep. I record Australia's local ABC News as well. None of these channels broadcast ant ads - yet I do a lot of fast-forwarding over stuff I don't wanna see or stuff I've seen before.

    [I use a Panasonic DMR-HW220 as a recorder, the "+60 sec" feature helps when skipping news].

    I am about ready to subscribe to an on-line news service or newspaper. I am interested in international, French and Australian services which might provide a good mix of text, photos audio and videos, also what type of tablets people are comfortable with for news reading, listening and watching.

  • if people did not have those disattractions, their hamster wheel and the new iphone every year, they would have started to burn the palaces of the rich a long time ago...people are hooked on that shit. not everyone can liberate himself like a zen monk...

  • Heh, someone is watching Game of Thrones.. Great show.