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HitFilm Pro 12, Studio and Express
  • The dream of integrated non-linear editing, visual effects and compositing is a reality with HitFilm 2. Jump between your editor sequence and visual effect shots with a single click.

    Short review:

    • NLE video editing
    • Particle simulator
    • Atomic particles
    • Shatter
    • Lights & flares
    • TV & film damage, Grain and dirt
    • Procedural simulation of light and fire
    • A compositor's toolkit including animation
    • Color correction & grading
    • Keying & extraction
    • The complete 2D & 3D tracking package
    • 3D compositing

    Programs site -

    Runs on - PC, coming up to Mac this year

    Price from - $149

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  • looks very promising!

  • It seems that they rised required amount for Mac version via

  • Norwich, 1st October 2013 – FXhome, the software developer behind the popular HitFilm 2 Ultimate video editing and visual effects software, is pleased to announce that the software is now available on Mac, with the release date set for 4th November.

    HitFilm 2 Ultimate offers video editing, visual effects and compositing in one package for creative filmmakers. Powerful and affordable, HitFilm 2 Ultimate reflects FXhome’s ethos to help the next generation of filmmakers by bringing professional concepts to all filmmakers, regardless of age, experience or budget.

    Thanks to a highly successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year (raising £58,126 – more than double the £25,000 goal), the independent UK-based developer has been able to complete the Mac version of the video production software for release in 2013. Previously only available for Windows PCs, the new release will come with two installers, Mac and PC, for up to three machines per licence. FXhome also implemented a number of stretch goals into the Kickstarter campaign that not only gave backers free 3D models and stock, but also enabled them to develop new effects for all users and to organise forthcoming user events in the US.

    New customers who purchase HitFilm 2 Ultimate can choose whether to download the Mac or PC installer, or both. All existing HitFilm users will automatically get access to the Mac version at no extra cost and the PC version will also get an update with new features when the Mac version launches, so PC users stand to benefit too.

    The beauty of HitFilm 2 Ultimate is that users can create a complete film with only one software program. Easy to learn and with limitless potential for discovery and customisation, HitFilm 2 Ultimate helps filmmakers learn the tricks and tools of video editing and visual effects, introducing techniques used by Hollywood visual effects artists.

    Combining cutting edge visual effects capabilities and video editing with an intuitive interface, HitFilm 2 Ultimate includes essential editing tools (ripple, roll, slip and slide), over 150 effects, groundbreaking 3D compositing and a revolutionary workflow. It also boasts particle simulators, professional chroma key and advanced colour correction, import and animation of 3D models, 2D tracking features and 3D camera-solving, and extensive titling and motion graphics tools.

    HitFilm 2 Ultimate will be available from 4 November and costs $399 / £299.

    It will be available for purchase from

  • Hitfilm is very cool SFX tool (it does editing but not so great). I was very impressed with the ease at which 3D effects could be achieved. Very good particle system and 3D compositing. Unfortunately it processes in 16bit float color space. Bump it up to 32bit float and it would be outstanding.

  • FXHOME is giving away the full version of HitFilm 2 Express, its hybrid video editor and visual effects software. The free download, worth $149, is only available until February 4th, so grab the download and get started on your own blockbuster movies.

  • Most interesting here is that you can use it as NLE (without track limits and good keyer and with GPU support) with all additional stuff :-) Same as Resolve but more friendly to hardware and to beginners.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev the app is very very nice, but there's a BIG caveat I just stumped-on: they crippled it so you can only export to youtube. What a pity, why couldn't they make a DR Lite like version?

  • WOW they were quick answering back, 15 fucking minutes!!!
    Okay, they did make a DR Lite like version. It's totally operational after activating and for that to happen you have to register in HitFilm site and in your user panel, over the "Your software" section you'll find the serial number to write in HF Express activation menu.

    Sorry about the mess, either way, I shouldn't take things for granted

    Now lets start taming this cub!!! =)

  • Here some free presets to add to the freeness of the collection :P
    It's a little tricky to install and not all work, they were thought for ultimate version, but it's a free horse, well... Download and install in HD/users/your name/library/fxhome/Hitfilm 2 express/presets/ for mac users, windows users see video included in package • just copy the .hfrp files there, video tuto and previews put it elsewhere

    Remember this effects/presets only work as composite, below a sneak peak. Anyway it's so damn easy to work with this creature that I bet you'll be making yours pretty soon. Tada


    1200 x 830 - 357K
  • Don't know if anyone is interested but I'm currently writing a script that exports blender camera match tracking and basic animation of nulls into hitfilm so with this being free + blender if your starting out you've got a pretty sweet couple of tools. Script very alpha I'm just recording a tutorial for how to do a basic camera solve in blender, install the script and export to hitfilm.

    Example solve

    Example animation export to hitfilm

    Link to script and thread on hitfilm forum

    happy to update here if people are interested should have revised script and tutorial up next week.

  • I used this when it was called Alam DV back in the early 2000s. It was my introduction to composting. I learned a lot but eventually drifted back to AE because of PS and Premier integration. I have fond memories as it went from Alam DV to FxHome but I left it before it became Hit Film. I would definitely recommend it if you are big into sci-fi and fantasy shorts. At least that's what I used it for.

  • @Umii That's very interesting, I'm using Blender's camera tracking and Htifilm 2 seems quite interesting. Blender's sequencer is not the best option for NLE so the combination of the two could be a great match.

  • Ok, as I understood you can download the express edition for free... (I am going to do it now). And if you like the software you can get the upgrade to ultimate version for just $201 (January sale - there are only nine days to decide but it's about half the price)

  • Btw they also have other free offer

  • HitFilm 3 Pro announced


    The editor is hugely more powerful. The editor-compositor workflow works better than ever thanks to new background proxying. We’ve added over 20 new effects and OpenFX compatibility. Mocha HitFilm’s capabilities have been expanded to include mask tracking. There’s even a new 16-bit in-to-out OpenEXR pipeline.

    The interface has a new, low profile design which disappears into the background, bringing the focus back to your shots. It feels both fresh and familiar – and faster, thanks to intelligent caching.

    There’s also that new name, which better reflects the direction of the product and also has the benefit of being shorter, which is good for everybody’s typing fingers. In case you were wondering – yes, HitFilm 3 Pro is the direct successor to HitFilm 2 Ultimate.

    800 x 447 - 70K
  • I am looking forward to HitFilm 3 Pro!

  • @IronFilm trials are out :) - $299
                                            TRIAL direct download WIN                           TRIAL direct download MAC

    hit film pro 3


  • HitFilm 3 Pro includes a massive collection of plugins for all your other video software. With Update #3 we’ve transferred over some of our newer effects to the plugins, so you can now use color vibrance, heat distortion, LUT (FCPX, Vegas & Motion only), projector (AE only) and vignette exposure inside third party hosts.

    The HitFilm plugins are now also ready to go in DaVinci Resolve 11 from Blackmagic Design, which opens up a whole new workflow area. If you’re a Resolve user you should see the plugins appear after you install the plugins update, giving you access to powerful effects like 3D gunfire, atomic particles, procedural fire, professional chroma key and a ton more.

  • what is the difference between the Free 3 Express Version and the 3 Pro Version?

    I did a look in the website but it is difficult to perceive.

  • I did a look in the website but it is difficult to perceive.

    Check their blog :-)

  • @apefos
    The Express is a full flagged app, with proper export options: h264, QT 444, and (slow) png.
    Uncompressed QT is 8bit only and PCM only option is 16bits depth. I tried the pro version but the only thing I recall is that the effects had a nicer UI and not slider only. Case U want those more fancy things, you'ld purchase somethin' like the Starter pack (10$) with 3D extrusion,Turn flat, Color correction wheels, Split screen masking, etc.
    All and all, a powerful compositing and editing program for FREE =)


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