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m4/3 to EOS adapter
  • Who can tell me what the best m4/3 to EOS adapter is ( with or without aperture control)?
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  • Well probably the Birger... Whenever that comes out. Otherwise I think I'd have to say Kipon. It's not perfect, but it works.
  • I just got Fotodiox Lens Mount Adapter, Canon EOS EF Lens to MFT Micro 4/3 for my Rokinon canon lens.

    I'm not sure how good it it is but i guess I'll test it out soon.
  • @Tommyboy, I have same fotodiox lens mount adapter for canon eos for my Rokinon 35mm canon lens and boy does that thing suck!! Haha lol kidding, works like a champ!! Love love that lens, any person who don't have a 35mm should invest in it.
  • @HillTop1

    You scared me there for a while ;-). It's good to hear this adapter is a good fit.

  • I have the Fotodiox too, and it is great for what it is. Really well made and cheap, but obviously no aperture control. All the EOS lenses I have are soft wide open, the EF 50mm, f1.8 being the only passable, so it doesn't get much use.
  • @allenswrench

    Yeap, I got the Fotodiox especially for Rokinon lenses hence no need for aperture control on it.