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Are Canon DSLRs raw cameras?
  • BMCC = raw sensor > raw video file > post production > 8 bit codec video file > internet/bluray/dvd/tv broadcast

    CANON = raw sensor > picture style > 8 bit codec video file > post production > internet/bluray/dvd/tv broadcast

    what do you think?

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  • :-) It is not so simple.

    raw sensor > internal processing > picture style > 8 bit codec video file

  • is internal processing before the picture style? I thought it was after... and do you know what the internal processing does?

  • well, maybe the internal processing turns the rgb bayer pattern into a complete image using what they call algorithm

  • but, if internal processing is compression it will be after the picture style...

    well, it does not matter, we cannot change how the internal processing is done...

  • I think then all cameras are RAW cameras :)

  • Yes, you got it!

    But the problem is how the manufacturers implement the way raw data are interpreted before to put it into the 8bit codec inside the camera. The dynamic range and sometimes the colors are destroyed in that moment.

  • yep, thats the concept.

  • So I think it is time for me to say the good news: I got a T3i

    Edit post: and the best news: it is a raw camera, not in post, but at least in the moment of shooting, not as powerful as BMCC, but pretty enough to do it.

  • @apefos

    In such logic any camera is raw camera :-) But such name is used for ones that can output raw data for you to work with them.

  • Just wait a few days... (about 30 days)

    I am preparing a surprise.

  • well some hackers with canon can make it happen in 1 second but it happened. I sad that GHx cant have that function inside.

  • The T3i can shoot raw, but only in stills mode.

  • Only cameras that RECORD the RAW data are referred to as "RAW" cameras in the video/photo world. DSLRs are certainly not RAW cameras for video...

  • Oh God, what am I doing?

  • @apefos. Uma alternativa é o "time-burst" em jpeg (ou RAW, tipo Nikon J1), 12/15 fps+Twixtor. E a técnica que OW tentou, mas não conseguiu na época: play-back no som. Quero testar em BH este ano.

  • @apefos VERY intriguing... can u give us some clue??

  • Sorry I can't. I will just say something if I can get sure.

  • I downloaded and tested in the T3i all Picture Styles I could find, (paid, donated and free).

    None of them can get the "best possible" from the Canon RAW sensor in a straight from camera image. I do not want to keep grading images all the time, and to grade a 8 bit codec image in post is worse than get it done straight from camera.

    Of course, each light situation needs a specific Picture Style, but even in that way, nothing made me happy enough yet. I just believe It is possible to do better.

    That's it.

  • Holy crap :)

  • @woodybrando

    We have topic about this.

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