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"Motion Recording was cancelled..." with Sandisk 16gb
  • Hello, I've been using lots of different hacks and on a few I've been encountering the same problem : When I use the 720/60p or 1080/60i (I never use 60i but the problem exists), after a couple of seconds this message appears : "Motion Recording was cancelled due to the limitation of the writing speed of the card". I was using a SanDisk Extreme 16gb 45 MB/s class 10 card, and I thought that it was maybe too slow for high bit rate 60p (FlowMotion 2.02). I then bought a SanDisk Extreme Pro 16gb 95MB/s class 10 card and the problem was still here, no improvement what so ever ! I then tried lower bit rate hacks. Here's my course : FlowMotion > CanisMajoris Day PM > SpanMyBitchUp > EosHD Unified 88 Mbit. And I still have the same problem ! Please help and explain this problem !

    Thank you.

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  • All of the hacks you listed can fail in 720p mode in certain situations. Watch this video and then give the no adverse affects settings a try. The “Low” settings for this patch will work with any memory card in all resolutions.

  • Thanks ! I'll try it out !

  • With GH1 I know that adding a P onto 24p or 30p will bring with it a host of problems that are inherently problematic because of the way Panasonic opted to capture 24p/30p within the 60i wrapper... The specifics I don't know... but the GH1 has problems in high detail shots with that wrapper (which spikes incoherently in high detail scenes, as is noted in Ptool) but if you use interlaced the problem disappears... No problems... So if you want progressive the bitrate has to be put in severe reins at around 40Mbps (see in-camera playback Reliable patch) and the problems are gone as far as I know... I don't bother with 24p or 30p very much anymore because of the ease of outputting whatever frame rate I want in post. I understand the need for 60p for SLOMO--in which case limit the bitrate... That's pretty much all I have. Hope that's a help... I went through months of testing before I simply looked at VK's notes within Ptool about the progressive options... And it all made sense what with constant MOTION CANCEL in high bitrate scenes despite an Extreme Pro card... Now I never get MOTION CANCEL and stick with Interlaced video unless I want 24p for a shoot or scene--in which case there is only one completely reliable patch so far because of the limits inherent in the Panny progressive encoding...

  • GH2 does not record any progressive in interlaced container. The problem is that you chose the wrong SD cards. There are exactly two cards that have been proven to work good with high bitrates in GH2: 1. 2.

    Other cards might work, but these two are the ones used by the people creating the high bitrate patches. (The 32 GB might not work with very high end ones.) Even if they have higher Mb/s number on them the 32 GB 30 Mb/s works better than any 45 Mb/s cards. (afaik.. ;)

  • @Meierhans So that means if I want to use a hack like Flow Motion v2.02, the SanDisk 32GB 30MB/s is better ? How come ? In which way is it faster than my SanDisk Extreme Pro 16GB 95MB/s ?

  • Try Sanity 5.1. 720P works reliably, as does everything else. Ordinary Class 10 SD cards are fine.