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The Road of Life - Editing & Grading
  • Hey guys,

    Just wanted to show you my latest work. A short film which I edited and graded.

    If you want to read more about the editing and grading you can visit this blogpost in which I've explained everything a bit further:

    The Road of Life

    The Road of Life - Grading Breakdown

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  • Hi David,

    Your work is always incredible and you're a massive inspiration to me. Did you use DaVinci Resolve for this grade? In so many of the shots the skin tones have wonderful separation from the rest of the image and really pop. This particularly is a part of grading that I really struggle with. On almost every occasion where I try to create any tonal difference between the skin tones and & BG I just can't isolate skin tones and then turn them into something that is natural looking. Obviously the shooting conditions play a massive part in creating this look but do you have any tips on getting natural looking skin tones?

  • @willosaauur Hey man, huge sorry for the delay in this response, I haven't been active at all on this site since I posted this.

    Thank you so much for the kind words!

    Well, to make it look natural kind of up to you, what you think looks natural. But a good way of achieving that is to make the skintones in a good balance between yellow, red and orange. And to make it pop you'll have to make it somewhat saturated, but as you said you'll have to look at the conditions and the environment in the scene so that the skintones still looks natural and not too oversaturated.

    Don't know if that's a very good advice but that's all I can say. But search for "skintone grading" on google, vimeo and youtube and I'm sure you'll find something helpful!

  • @davidhjlindberg

    Great stuff, very emotional and surreal feeling. Where did the music come from? I thought it worked very well. Gonna check out the rest of your stuff now.

  • I know this wasn't shot with your GH2 but what lens are you shooting with on your GH2 now?