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DIY anamorphic speedbooster Idea
  • Hello!, long time no see!!, (if anyone has noted my long absence of this site is because i was highly addicted to it jajajaja i was trying to control myself, as i´m currently working hard...) anyway

    here is just an idea, maybe is doable, maybe not, i dont know...

    there are ANAMORPHIC PRISMs that are selled for laser beams, they are made of optic glass, and they are as small as to fit inside an adapter this one is only 12mm

    they work under the following concept: Alt text

    so, the question is if they mess too much with the optics and if they are big enough to reach all the light rays?? any thoughts?

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  • I have done the math when I was prototyping a focal reducer in 2010. There isn't enough physical space behind any lens (even NIkon F flange distance) to accomodate prisms without a wider mount around the sensor. Creative thinking though.

  • damn it, but, i dont understand though, if i recall correctly the light beam coming from the lens is actually flipped upside down, and somewhere in the travel to the sensor it gets up again, so it travelels in an X sort of way, so i guess there should be place to use a smaller prism?, or i didnt understand you aswer? :p


    here is another idea: a curved mirror in angle and a lens parallel to the sensor plane?



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