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Low Cost GH3 Rig
  • After the hot shoe on one of my GH3s broke i started looking into solutions for mounting an LED light on top for our next wedding.

    We ended up getting an Opteka X-Grip MK II.

    The only modification I had to make to it was to cut off the legs because they interfered with our tripods and buy a 1/4 UNC bolt and cut to size for mounting the quickplate underneath.

    All in all it set me back £38 and I'm now able to mount all our other stuff at the side as well which is a big bonus.

    It just fits the GH3 with battery grip and if positioned far enough right it can allow for battery changes as well into the grip.

    If you are not needing to mount a lot of kit then this works very well and keep everything light weight.

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  • Looks like really efficient solution, but.. how do you plan using it handheld? I don't see any easy way of maneuvring it!

  • Never use handheld... Always tripod or monopod

  • @sph1nxster Which lenses with the follow focus are you using in this picture ? It easy to focus pulling with it ? thanks

  • @labalbi 12-35 X lens from Panasonic.

    We normally only attach a focus pull onto the zoom section of the lens to allow us to make really quick adjustments but also smoother ones as well.

    All focus adjustments are made by touching the screen as it performs very well.