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After Effects Rendering Glitches
  • Hi,

    I keep getting glitches in my After Effects output, always in the top left hand corner. Usually it's a square shaped glitch (like in the attached picture), but not always the same size, and sometimes it's an oblong. Usually it contains some kind of offset video, but on a few rare occasions it's been black.

    I've tried with the Lagarith and Canopus lossless codecs, both in MP mode. I've tried playback in WMP, PPro and AE.

    I've got other things I'm going to try (other codecs, single-threaded renders, disk write speeds), but since the problem is sporadic it's going to take quite a few tests to nail down.

    Has anyone got any suggestion on where I should focus my efforts?

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  • Just had a far more obvious occurrence.

    glitch 2.PNG
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  • When you say output do you mean your export and then reimport into AE? Or does the exported video show up like that when you play it back in a media player like VLC?

  • I used to have this problem on CS4 and I had to reinstall AE. What system are you using? MAC/PC laptop/desktop, graphics card, etc.

  • it's a multi processor issue. I suggest dialing down the number of processors used to render. All resources really. And bever attempt to multitask. If your machine is rendering in AE that's THE ONLY thing it should be doing. No web surfing, no flash games, nothing.

  • @shian Yeah, I was just coming to the same conclusion. When these renders were done the machine was doing nothing else. Since then I've been rendering the files as single threaded renders from the command line and it seems to have fixed the issue. Running concurrent renders doesn't seem to cause an issue either.

    This is on an overclocked AMD X6 (six core) PC with GTX460 1GB card.

    In many previous renders I haven't seen this issues before though, and the only other related thing I can think of is that I changed the processing in Neatvideo to GPU+CPU.