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FreeFly MOVi - very expensive handheld stabilized system
  • I think I've finally found my stabilizer rig, a digital 3-axis gyro-stabilized handheld camera gimbal, this is AWESOME.

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  • Looks like Vincent found new sponsor :-)

    It will be affordable – the initial mid-level (in terms of weight support) MōVI M10 will sell for approx $15K and is already under production. The second, smaller version, the M5 that will be on sale at some point in the near future (once the production capacity is in full swing) will be sold for a price point under $7,500. If you consider how much we spend on handheld rigs, sliders, jibs (let alone Glidecams/Steadicams etc.) – the price of this device quickly becomes a no-brainer

    Is he nuts?

  • Looks ridiculous. Amazing.

    But how was this supposed to be affordable? I mean, yes, its great, and will probably replace a lot of the gear you already have or will need. But 15k?!! Hardly affordable when we are shooting with DSLR less than $3,000.00.

  • There is special content on Vimeo including "Gorgeous footage shot outdoors (running and driving in forests and cityscapes) with the Panasonic GH3 by Henning Sandstrom." I'm donwloading it, f you people are interested I can extract that GH3 part and upload on Google Drive (if it's not against forum policy ..). Let me know

  • About construction.

    It is just three motors (same construction as in good crane heads), small controller and and sensors (accelerometer, and may be gyro).

    It can't compensate x,y,z axis movements, so footage must pass via software stabilizer also.

    Controlling camera direction is hard thing, and as they reference mostly require expirienced assistant.

  • ... are the roller skates included?

  • Rental will be the way to go.

    This is basically the type of system i was asking for in the MultiCopter threads and mounted inside a FigRig for handheld use, hopefully some of the MultiCopter manufacturers will make some cheaper versions for non-airborn use.

  • @Rambo

    This guys make gymbals and multicopters.

    Whole idea of this rig is to be special handheld rig with gymbal like design for work in big copter. As I understand after realising that market for such product is tiny they decided to push it as some universal device.

  • It would be nice to have one of these.. But the price needs to be more "universal"

  • @matthere... you mean the price needs to be more of a "game changer"?

  • 15k for a stabilisation system? Talk of a revolution.

    I mean the thing looks great, no learning curve and some cool possible uses. But I'm still under the impression that a steadicam gives you a lot more freedom in terms of camera movement.

  • Regular SteadyCams cannot be used in windy conditions like on a moving boat, this thing will be perfect for shooting on a boat.

  • Will wait for the Chinese copy of this :-)

  • @kabuto1138 a game changing price would be nice :) I understand that it is quite difficult to see into the future, and determine the actual market for these and similar products, but it would be interesting if we started to see less margins on a greater quantity of units, but this is probably not the kind of market that we can expect that to happen, although when companies set prices at these levels are they really surprised when knock-off versions appear at a fraction of the cost.. six months later?

  • From the comments to the last video: "How is this different from the currently available for 3,500 USD Zenmuse Z15. Same just add handle bars.

    " So far, it's all just a marketing research, to see how high they can charge to sell a profitable number of units.

  • Also, diy one:

  • @igorek7

    I am sure that Zenmuse clones will appear and with optional handles :-)

  • Game changer? As VK said looks like LaForget has a new sponsor ;). What this clown said on his blog was that it was not as affordable as a 5D - lol he was off about 13 grand.

    As feha said - I'll wait for the Chinese one - heck even the Varavon one.

  • Rambo is correct - it's cool adaptation from drone technology to hand held (for paid camera operators) I'm not big budget but I'm a paid Dir/Op - & this is F$^#@ cool!!! I was looking at Photo Higher's Halo 2000 series (direct drive gimbal) to mount on my modified Glidecam X10 - NAB announcements of new tech's always have limited impact on hobby/amateur op's. .... initially - affordable copies will arrive! ...give it 12 months & perhaps this rig will be like an arsehole: everyone's got one! : )

  • give it 12 months & perhaps this rig will be like an arsehole: everyone's got one! : )

    Nope. Issue here is cost of drives and other details. Even quite mass oriented gymbals for air shooting have high prices.

  • @ igorek7 you have nailed it mate! Are you willing to post any instructions re any mods adapting from drone flight to hand held?

  • Point taken VK, correct - but even $4-5k cost for small operators is a massive leap in shooting potential, this an interesting cross over of cine technology. I always wanted instant transition from high mode to low mode with my Cam stabilizer. I would have to sell my kids to buy Mk V- AR rig. Now I'm stuck with teenagers : )

  • @Vitaliy 'It can't compensate x,y,z axis movements, so footage must pass via software stabilizer also'

    There is no need to stabilize the footage. I own a Zenmuse and it compensates on all axis. Same thing with MoVI with the differnce that it can handle Cameras like RED

  • Of course, "affordable" is relative. But the price point of the gadget is not the only implication for how accessible to low/no-budget productions it will. To use this properly, if I understand correctly, you'll need three skilled operators. One to move the camera, one to pan & tilt and one to pull remote focus.

  • At this time there is no Info about the possibilty of focus pulling. But you can zoom remotely controlled.