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CHDK-Like Motion Detection Possible on GH2?
  • I've been experimenting and using the motion detection scripts from the Canon CHDK hack on my Canon S100 and from what I've done it looks like it's going to come in real handy for set-and-forget bird photography, which is what I mostly do. It made me wonder if such a motion detection parameter might be possible in the GH2 hack? It's been fun going into the various motion.bas scripts and turning on/off masking areas of the screen and changing the sensitivity of the motion detection so it got me thinking of doing the same with my GH2? Possible? No? Yes? Hope so, but I probably would have heard about it by now.

    I did do a search of the term 'motion detection' but only found one incidence which was a request for it in the coming GH3 hack.

    Thanks, Harold House