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Stabilizer balancing and shooting advice
  • I just got the Wondlan Magic Steadycam. My steadycam experience to date is with a Smoothee for my GoPro's which isn't even in the same ball park.

    Setup and balancing on the Wondlan was easy and fast but I have a problem and I can't find online instructions to correct it. It rotates when I move. The Smoothee does too but very light pressure with my thumb cures that.

    I can't figure out how to stop the rotation without causing it to pendulum on the Wondlan. Sorry for the stupid question.

    I'm using this with the two lighter weights for the GH2"s and XA10 and the heavier two weights with the AC 160, and setting the handle for a slow drop.

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  • I recall this forum's topic about the steadycam had a review video that shows how to balance it.

  • I have the Wondlan and enjoy using it quite a bit, despite the learning curve. One thing that a steadicam dude taught me is to keep a very light touch with your weak hand fingertips, just below the handle to make minor adjustments. You'll need to do this especially during windy conditions.
    Also, I turn my strong side wrist to initiate and slow natural turns of the camera.

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