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GH2 high ISO shutter speed related FPN
  • Hi, I am newbie to a lot of this FPN thing(y). I find that FPN do exist on my GH2, but it is very shutter speed specific. eg, I get them from shutter speed of 40 and up on high ISO settings with varying degree of severity, but 30 and under is fine even at very high ISOs like 12800. I am wondering whether that is common phenomenon, or I am just having bad luck. Oh, yea, I am talking about the video, not the photo aspect of GH2.
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  • @veloci How did you shoot such a high ISO (12800) in video mode? Mine won't let me select higher than 3200.
  • I don't have FPN. Best if you show us what you are talking about.

  • here is what im seeing on my gh2 hacked now(it was there before ), you can clearly see that strip line , and as i go up in shutter speed the strip line goes higher and higher
  • @sammy Thanks for the video demo. This is exactly what I am seeing on my high ISO video on either hacked or unhacked GH2. I realise that it is only very visible on underexposed areas, while the correctly exposed shots look fine. Does the GH1 have the same fpn under the same condition (moving fpn as you change up the shutter speed), or is this just GH2 specific?

    @sam_stickland Well I don't know whether the ISO rating is the exact figure equivalent to 12800, but it looks like it to me. First you need a Lumix lens attached. Next, you need to switch you movie mode to shutter priority, then, auto ISO should appear on you ISO list, select auto ISO, dial up your EV compensation to the max for higher sensor sensitivity. WARNING: high blueish noise, significant loss of details may be as a result.
  • @veloci as Ian mentioned on vimeo,the issue is that some of the older GH2's have that...I wounder if any of the members here with a very new GH2 can test for this, and see if they can see this..the GH1 did not have this issue, but it had a worse issue of thin lines showing at different places even at iso 640,the hack helped out alot by reducing them, but still they are there..GH2 to my eyes a little better low light camera, but not much more thing, not going off topic, comparing the GH1 and GH2, for those who have both,like me, is it me or does the GH1 seem to be less contrasty (have more of a flat look) than the GH2 and seem to retain more in shadows (im not saying cleaner,gh2 still cleaner) is that because they both have different iso values ?meaning if i compare the gh1 and gh2 at iso 160 using nostalgic everything -2 ,seems like the gh2 is more contrasty and gh1 seem to have more of "flat" look