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Log and transfer old problems
  • Hey Guys
    I have applied the patch to my GH2 been using the 42mbs 24 fps
    I can't seem to import my footage in to final cut 7 anymore using log and transfer error message (contains unsupported media or has an invalid directory structure. Please choose a folder whose directory structure matches supported media.)
    anyone else had this issue?
    I am running lion now aswel but couldn't find anything on mac forums about compatible issues.

    Sorry if i have posted this in the wrong section
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  • I haven't tried this myself (I'm using premiere since a little before the hack arrived) but I heard that the EOS Movie Plugin-E1 for the Canon cameras works like a charm for importing hacked GH2 footage into Final Cut (transcoding it to ProRes). BC Olejniczak edited this piece:

    using that.
  • Am I missing something?

    From my past photography class, as far as I can remember, you locked shutter speed and arpeture, the exposure remained constant; there would be no change if you shot at a dark place or a fully lit place. You might end up with under or over exposed pic.

    In GH2 video, if you're in manual mode (fixed ISO, fixed white balance, fixed shutter and arpecture F8.0), you should have constant exposure as well. But this is not the case for me. While filming, if I move my lens from a dark area to a light area or the other way around, I get a noticeable jump in exposure on the screen and in the recorded clip. I also notice the problem during zooming keeping the lens fixed on a subject. I am using 14-140mm lens.

    Can anyone shed some light on what I am missing?
  • @Dusty42

    Are you using the manual movie setting or the manual picture setting(labeled "M") on the camera? If you can use the shutter button to start the movie clips recording then you are using the manual movie setting. The camera will automatically revert to full Auto mode when you record pictures in the manual picture mode. If you use the "M" manual movie mode it is capable of fixing the exposure completely.
  • Any one else having the same log and transfer issues in FCP 7 that @kitekid is having too? I just bought FCP 7 and should be getting it by this weekend and I am using my hacked gh2 for a wedding shoot Saturday.
  • @mpgxsvcd

    I am using the mode where it shows a "little film camera and M" on the mode dial and the "exposure mode" in the menu setting set to "M". While filming clips, I never use the shutter button. I always hit the button with a red dot.

    I can't figure out why I get a noticeable exposure jump since I got the camera in Jan. Please help me to understand it.

  • Dusty42,

    Navigate to SETUP in the menu and make sure LCD mode isn't set to A*, otherwise it jumps all over the place as you move from dark to light areas. Hopefully that helps.
  • @ignatius

    Thanks for the answer. But I think you misunderstood my question. What I meat was during filming. I have fixed ISO, white balance, aperture (F8.0), and shutter speed and shooting in "manual" mode. If I zoom slightly the exposure noticeably jumps. I notice the jump in screen and in the clip. It also happens if I point the lens from a dark place to a well lit place or the other way around. I am using 14-140mm lens.

  • @kitekid

    Sounds like you need to upgrade to v1.2. The newer version let's you trans-code files from anywhere... not just the card's directory. ;)

    I may get around to doing a video tutorial on this also...
  • Is there a specific way to take in the footage once the hack is applied? Or do we still use FCP Log+Transfer as normal? I'm starting with the stable 42mbps just to get a feel for it.... Low light tests. But don't notice a difference?

    Is there a diff way to ingest the footage?

  • Hi Dusty42,

    Re. your problem with the 14-140mm lens. It's not a fixed aperture throughout the zoom so the aperture will change when you zoom. At 14mm the aperture can be set at F4.0, but fully zoomed in you can't go lower than F5.8. *Edit* Right, you probably know that which is why you have it set to F8! Next time I will read exactly what you say, I promise...

    I'll test myself with the 14-140

    *Edit* After testing I got the exact same thing. Indeed, it looks like you need a fixed aperture zoom lens to achieve consistent exposure throughout the zoom range

  • @VK_Editing

    Nope. It works exactly the same as stock footage. There's nothing different about hacked footage to Final Cut... just more data. :)
  • Nice! I did 42, 65, and 110 (Henry O's settings) and did ALL LOW LIGHT tests..... Lots of noise but hard to tell which noise is displayed differently from higher data rates.... I'm guessing everything will look much better outside ;)
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