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BTS shot from Wolverine showing steadicam dolly movement
  • This is an instructive image from a movie shoot showing how a steadicam has been mounted onto a dolly. Also interesting is the use of flags to block daylight.

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  • Interesting. I saw an image of similar shooting from Wolverine of a different angle, I can not remember where it was I saw.

  • Those flags (floppys) aren't blocking daylight. They're blocking the spill (unwanted light not hitting the desired subject) of what looks like two 18k HMIs. The steadycam is connected to the Fisher dolly with what they call a Garfield. My guess is that they're doing a steadycam shot that booms up.

  • The Steadicam is in low-mode and the operator isn't wearing a vest and arm. To me it looks like it'll be a shot of Jackman's feet walking into the frame as it's tracking forward. Then the dolly seat may boom up to reveal him (probably as he overtakes the dolly). It seems like they're using the Steadicam primarily to smooth out the shakes from the uneven ground since they couldn't lay dolly track due to showing the ground in the shot.

  • You also sometimes see shots like this where it starts as a dolly or crane shot, but the Steadicam operator steps off and follows for an extended one-take shot (Get Shorty, etc.). However, the op would be wearing a vest in that case.

  • Other great long steady cam shots are the beginnings of The Player and Bonfires of the Vainities.

    I love it in when you combine two awesome pieces of precision film equipment to get a shot neither could do on their own.